mardi 14 avril 2015

Methods Of Crowdfunding For Musicians

By Iva Cannon

Recording a song or set of songs for an album, producing a music video, or starting a music project is never easy and can never be possible without proper funding. There are different ways to generate funds but only a few would work depending on the given situation. It can be disappointing and frustrating at times to get a record deal with major recording labels. Some start with their independently produced albums but some are not even worth the gamble.

Making music is relatively easy especially if you have the talent in songwriting and instrument playing. But those are never enough. If you have the looks, there is a possibility, but still not a guarantee that you will make it big in the music industry. As an amateur, you will need funds or make an independent label if you have the guts and the bucks to do so. There is another option, though. Crowdfunding for musicians might just work.

But crowdfunding is found to be complicated as well. There is no certainty that there will be sufficient funds that an artist can actually generate from this technique. There are always drawbacks to every option but many are willing to take the risk just to reach that dream. If you are talented and charming enough to get support from a considerable crowd, you might as well have a chance.

Some of the most effective ways to do this is through the internet. Musicians promote their piece in crowdfunding sites. These are established by fellow musicians and others are affiliated with record labels. The only thing you need to do is make more music, upload them to the site, generate comments, and wait for people to contact you and pledge their support.

Some do not like this strategy because it may not be as reliable as they thought it would be. So, they just do covers instead and upload them to social networking sites. Some of them are not even aware that they are already online sensations. One thing to get you a record label is to get a lot of views and positive comments.

There had been a lot of artists who had been YouTube sensations that have taken the concert stage already. They received recognition and funding straight from record labels that have also viewed their videos. Some of the videos are not of the best quality but because of the raw talent they have showcased, they made it big in the industry.

Walk of the Earth made it big when they made a Gotye cover. Five persons in one guitar was the main theme they showcased. It gained an incredible reception from millions of viewers. Christina Grimmie, on the other hand, made it to the finals of The Voice USA. One of the proposed reasons for her success was that she was already an online sensation.

Pleasing people is something that you must not focus as a star because you will never get to please everybody. There will always be people who will hate your every song and every appearance that you will make in the lime light. So focus on the fans instead.

But getting this status is never enough. A first record success is still very risky. Some artists even end up becoming a one hit wonder. In order to prevent this, the quality of songs must always be put into consideration.

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