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Quality Senior Pictures For Your Teen

By Joanna Walsh

Your child is in her last year of high school and there are so many things that need to be done in a very short amount of time. Her senior pictures are probably one of the most important tasks on your list and you want to make sure they are of the highest quality and that they reflect her personality and accomplishments. Green Bay WI photographers will be happy to help you with your teen's photos and can provide you with a variety of film expertise.

Be sure to check with all of the local photographers to find the one that fits your needs the best. Many may specialize in young children or weddings and receptions. Others may have such a wide range of expertise that you fear that it may lessen with each category they do. Seek a photographer who has done several high school photos and that other parents and students are familiar with.

Ask friends and family for suggestions. Many of them may have had teenagers who utilized a photographer's services. Ask questions about price, quality, turnaround time, number of photos included, professionalism and more. View the photos they have to see if they are the type that you are looking for.

After you narrow down your choices, take another look at their portfolios. Examine all of the different poses and backgrounds they utilize as well as the special effects and attention to detail that they encompass. This can be done either online or at their place of business.

Be sure to ask about the pricing structure and everything that it includes. You should be informed as to how many wardrobe changes, locations and looks are included in the package. The length of the session should also be included. The client also needs to be very clear as to the specific shots that are necessary to eliminate any frustrations and time for both parties. Everything should be in specific detail and in writing before shooting commences.

Go with your teen to all of the shoots to make sure that the session is done as described. Help with clothing changes, makeup and hair, and also in keeping the session on schedule. You may even want to hire a professional hair and makeup person to make sure that all details are perfection.

Always examine the final proofs very carefully before making your final selection. Select photos that show your teen in the best light and that illustrate his or her personality and looks to the best advantage. Consider the different uses for the final products also. A post will be needed for a large family portrait, one for her commencement announcements, and maybe photos for her friends. What you choose will depend on the quality of the choices and your budget. You will often be able to purchase a DVD or CD of all the pictures taken for a price and you can copy them at your leisure.

When you make the right decision as to which photographer to use, you will end up with a quality array of portraits and photos that can be viewed over and over again for years. Place your teen's portrait where visitors and family can see it often. It should be a masterpiece that you will be so proud to display to friends and family over and over again.

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