dimanche 26 avril 2015

Searching For The Best Crowdfunding Site

By Toni Vang

There are so many crowdfunding sites that anyone can rely on regardless of what purpose for the funding is provided that it is legal, valid, and reasonable. Most of those that indulge in this method are artists like aspiring authors, musicians, and painters who want to have exhibits. The musicians like to accumulate funds in order to record a full length album. On the other hand, authors who do not have enough budget for publishing their books also have a place in these sites.

In over six years, crowdfunding industry has boomed. This has helped aspiring entrepreneurs as well as those who helped fund such businesses. There are so many sites that people or the search engine can offer but it is up to you to judge which is the best crowdfunding site, especially if you have tried them once.

As you read through the reviews, you will see how much help the sites have provided to a certain number of people who had different purposes why they resorted to that method of funding. Some resorted to these sites for simple school projects, charitable purposes, or for new businesses. You will also discover that there is already existing crowdfunding for real estate and gaming.

There are two models in crowdfunding namely, rewards oriented and equity based. Rewards is based on the giving of discounts and pre orders for those who are interested to fund. This is particularly applicable to goods and services business. In addition, this is also applicable for musicians who will make the interested crowds listen to their song in full.

Equity, on the other hand is concentrated on the accumulation of shares from shareholders for the business. This is very applicable in businesses. It is now very convenient to get funds for a business venture, Any entrepreneur likes this idea, especially for online businesses. Many have already become successful just by starting with this mode of funding.

In two thousand twelve, a total of two point seven billion dollars were raised through site crowdfunding. And in two thousand thirteen, it rose to around five point one billion. In two thousand fourteen up to this year, it is still increasing which is why a lot of niche has actually entered into this venture for their business and personal finances.

Entrepreneurs take this chance to also advertise their goods and services at low costs. In addition, they will get the best shareholders and stakeholders who will take the opportunity as well to look for potential startups which are unique and promising. It is also their chance to expand their shares if ever.

There are sites that offer mainly for business while others accept charity and donations. Some are a combination of both, which is most of the time, the most visited. People judge it as reliable and very efficient because of the many functions it serves.

One of the most crucial consideration in finding the perfect site is the international presence and value. This way, businesses, projects, or charities will have a great chance at penetrating the international market. Sources of funds will also be from anywhere across the globe.

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