mercredi 22 avril 2015

Finding Out About Marvel Action Figures

By Alta Alexander

Little boys and grown men everywhere love to collect super hero dolls which look like their favorite characters. Marvel action figures have been around for a long time and they continue to be popular with every human being. Someone can choose from a large assortment of great comic book characters.

"The Invisible Girl" has been a part of the Stan Lee universe for quite a long time and she is very beautiful. Mego created an eight inch doll of this character back in the 70's and she is now worth a ton of money. Her face sculpture is very unique since her eyes seem to glow in the dark. Her blue outfit looks very similar to the one within the comic books.

The Mego doll sold out instantly and is worth tons of money on today's toy market. The Invisible Girl statue was the only female character within the Stan Lee collection from Mego. They had decided that she was the most important female created by Mr. Lee and therefore this girl would stand alone with the males. People working for Mattel tried their best to produce a Barbie Invisible Girl doll but it failed.

"Iron Man" was also created by Mego over forty years ago and this statue seemed to do great in sales. Many people were disappointed that the Iron Man doll did not have a removable mask instead of a molded head. Human beings everywhere wanted an Iron Man statue which would display his secret identity.

In order to please current fans Toy Biz created a new Iron Man doll which had a mask which could be taken off. Under the mask everyone could see the handsome face of the rich tycoon named Tony Stark. This particular doll was about nine inches tall and did not have the same style as the Mego creation.

Reed Richards is the leader of the "Fantastic Four" and he is one hell of a good looking man. Mego was glad to make a statue of this particular character which is also very valuable in today's society. Reed and Sue Storm are a unique couple who share a child together. Whenever they put on their blue outfits they become "Mr. Fantastic" and the "Invisible Girl."

Mego created a commercial during the 70's which focused on all of their current super hero creations. This certain commercial also features all of the statues which were made to represent the DC super hero line. Unfortunately the DC heroes were not as good looking as the ones from Stan Lee.

Last but not least everyone who is a true collector tries to get every statue which resembled the great "Thor." This is one God who looks very handsome in every possible way. Fortunately Mego was smart enough to give him long rooted hair instead of a plastic head. The Invisible Girl, Thor and Conan were the only figures from Stan Lee which had realistic hair. The later versions of Thor were also created by Toy Biz and they do not have real hair. Many toy companies have now become cheaper when they create these popular figures. Nowadays retailers do not care about the quality of these dolls.

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