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Reserve Your Luau Oahu Today

By Evelyn Walls

Everyone who is lucky enough to have the chance to visit the beautiful island Oahu should really get into the spirit of the island culture. Be sure to see all the iconic sights and the beautiful beaches and sunsets. Also be sure to celebrate your time there by booking a luau Oahu. Luau guests begin to feel as if they were born in this naturally magnificent paradise.

Several local businesses have luau packages to suit your budget and your tastes. From the basic up to deluxe packages, the difference in price is not substantial. The festivities promise to be in keeping with traditions and culture of the island and its people.

Some packages are for the party, feast and entertainment. Others include so much more, so guests and tourists have the chance to immerse themselves in the Polynesian culture and history. This type of planned event lasts all day long, from noon to nine pm, and is priced comparably to the luau only package.

If this will be your first luau you can expect some the the following features. The food will be traditional Polynesian such as poi, fish, sweet potatoes and pork from a pig cooked slowly for hours in the ground. Naturally you can expect Hawaiian music from local entertainers. The festivities would not be complete without hula dancers. There will be professional dancers dressed in traditional hula skirts with flowers in their luxurious long hair. Some of the guests will try to learn the hula just for fun. The kids will be served punch made with native fruits, and the adults can choose from an assortment of fancy cocktails.

Luaus began before any Westerners came to the island. The structure was based on the societal culture of the day. They were held only as special occasions to mark a milestone or celebrate an important family event. Traditionally, guests sat on a mat made of leaves from the local hala tree. A sense of unity and family underscore the unique social event.

The number one attraction on this island is the Oahu Polynesian Cultural Center. The Center has packages that include the traditional island feast. Luaus are one of many ways for tourists to really learn something about this land that for many is heaven on earth. There are iconic sights that you will not want to miss. Take a tour to Diamond Head, visit Pearl Harbor, or reserve one of the guided tours to a volcano. Stay as long as you can because there is so much to see and do.

Take some time to do some research and read what Oahu was like before and after the Westerners arrived. Oahu was a monarchy, and King Kamehameha the Great is possibly the most well known. In the 1800s the Christian missionaries came to convert the islanders. For better or worse, their mark is left to this day with the Christian churches and the melding of cultures.

Hawaii has long held special meaning for Americans. With World War II and the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii was linked to the US long before it joined the union in 1959 as the fiftieth state. Since that time, more and more Americans from the continental states have visited and come to love the islands. Oahu is known as the gather place. The perfect place for a memorable luau.

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