lundi 7 décembre 2015

MLSP Sites Or Kalatu Blog - What One Is Better?

By Chris Barmby


Are you torn between the MLSP Sites Blog and the Kalatu Blog?

Or maybe you haven't even heard of empower network or my lead system pro before but you just want a killer blogging platform for your marketing.

Well either way you have come to the right place because I am going to take you on a video tour of both and break down what each of these blogging platforms have to offer and show you how they differ from one another.

I'll be honest with you here I am completely drained because I have literally spent the last 12 hours combing every inch of the Kalatu Blog and the MLSP Sites Blog with a fine tooth comb so that I can give you a thorough review on both platforms.

I'm going to be straight up with you on this one.......

This is going to be a very tough pick as they both have huge advantages over one another as you will see in my video below.

So What Is Kalatu By Empower Network?

Kalatu is the flagship product of empower network and the Kalatu Blogging Platform it is in fact the third blogging platform that Empower Network has released in just as many years.

When you join EN at the basic beginner level this is actually the product that you are purchasing to start building your business online. So you better believe that David Wood and the other owners of Empower have taken the Kalatu Blog and everything about it very seriously.

What Exactly Is MLSP Sites?

The blogging platform built by Brian Fanale and the Owners of My Lead System Pro was built by marketers with the intent that marketers would be the ones using MLSP Sites

The MLSP Blog is available to all members who join My Lead System Pro at both the university and mastery levels. As soon as you create your blog you have an SEO friendly blog (all settings done by SEO genius Rob Fore) that you can use to market your business. It is also preloaded with 50 plugins (many of which are premium plugins you would have to pay thousands for otherwise) and 21 preloaded themes.

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