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Employment Companies Are Useful In The Current Employment Market

By John Thomas

There are plenty of employment opportunities out there. The trick is in finding a way to make yourself be seen and heard by desirable employers. You can submit countless resumes and cover letters with zero results. In order to be effective in the job market of today, you need an agent. Depending upon your level of experience, there are different types of employment companies that can help you achieve your desired goal.

Employment agencies, which are sometimes called staffing agencies, are a good place to start for job hunters seeking entry level or mid level positions. Employers with a large number of employees are constantly in the process of trying to fill vacant positions. Many of the larger companies use staffing agencies exclusively to fill vacancies. The agencies take on work that would have to be done by their staff in human resources

Upon registration with an employment agency, the applicant will be required to produce two forms of identification accepted by the Department of Immigration. Applicants also authorize a background check. It is not uncommon to complete and sign as many as twelve documents for the agency before registration. All this paperwork would over burden a busy human resources department. When an employer interviews an applicant referred from an employment agency, the employer can rest assured that the applicant has been thoroughly screened.

If you are looking for employment at the executive or managerial levels, a headhunter or recruitment agency will be a better match for your skills and experience. Employers that work with a recruitment agency are very serious about locating only quality applicants. Upon hiring, the employer agrees to pay the agency up to thirty percent of the annual salary that the new employee will be paid. This could easily cost the employer thirty to fifty thousand dollars.

Getting signed with a recruitment agency is similar to job hunting. The agency will interview and scrutinize your background and references before agreeing to take you on as their client. Once you have signed with a headhunter be prepared to interview for positions where the competition is significant.

There are niche headhunter agencies that only focus on specific professions. Physicians, attorneys and certified public accountants are some of the professions that might require a niche headhunter. Only professionals with the appropriate education and experience are appropriate candidates for a niche agency.

Most people are familiar with the concept that movie stars only get cast in movies if they are represented by well known agents. Recruitment agencies follow the same concept. Hollywood agents only take on clients when the agents are fairly sure they can get the client cast in a movie or television show. As a prospective client of a recruitment agency, you must impress them enough that they want to represent you. With a respected headhunter, you are probably on the track to finding the position you want.

There are also global staffing agencies that provide all manner of employment opportunities and should not be overlooked in your search for that ideal job. These agencies are held in high regard by most of the Fortune 100 companies. Since their services are offered on a global basis, these agencies are an excellent resource if you want to move to another state or even another country.

Global staffing agencies are large organizations and have raised the bar for productivity. One agency states they successfully fill vacancies five hundred thousand times a year. They also claim that one of their clients is hired every thirty three seconds. Global agencies frequently work to fill temporary positions. This does not need to be viewed as a negative by job hunters.

You should not be afraid to take a temporary position. In most cases, if the employee performs well he or she will be hired on a permanent basis. Temporary can even be considered an advantage if you want to try something or some place new. If you are not happy with the job adventure, you are free to leave without any negative repercussions.

Do not fear. Employment opportunities are out there in abundance. Your first priority will be to find the best representation possible for you and your skill levels. This could be the start of something wonderful.

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