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Choose A Hawaii Luau For Culture And Cuisine

By Evelyn Walls

Hawaii is comprised of eight major islands and many smaller islands and atolls. These islands all cater to tourists, yet each island has its own character. You can participate in a Hawaii luau on any of the islands. The collection of islands is known as Hawaii, and the largest island is also called Hawaii. It is by far the largest in size, but not in population.

Hawaii is commonly referred to as the Big Island. All of the other seven main islands combined do not come close to it in size. The big island is home to five volcanoes, Kona coffee plantations and its surrounding waters are home to whales, dolphins and breathtaking coral reefs. A luau is a great way to experience Hawaiian cuisine and culture.

The luaus typically last three to four hours. Most of the luxurious hotels located on the Big Island hold their own feast, each with a different underlying theme. Any one of these will give you an evening to remember.

At the King Kamehameha Kona Beach Hotel you will discover the Island Breeze Luau. Guests are greeted by being adorned with a shell lei. They are given some free time to explore the array of arts and crafts presented. The evening would not be complete without a pig cooked in an underground oven called an imu. Retrieving the pig from the imu is a ceremony that shows the ancient way food was and still is prepared. The main attraction for this event is the Royal Court making a grand entrance dressed in traditional royal garb. The excitement mounts as the outrigger canoe approaches. Finally, the buffet is spread out and guests are entertained with a Polynesian revue.

The Fairmont Orchid Hotel proudly presents the Gathering of the Kings Luau. The entire event is a fusion of Polynesian and Hawaiian cuisine and culture. The dinner menu is on the exotic side, so they offer simple macaroni and cheese for children and the less adventurous guests. A fusion of modern and Polynesian dance will relay the stories of Hawaiian kings and the meaning of the star that guided each king. Hula dancers and the flamboyant knife and fire dance round out the evening.

If your interests lie in history, the Haleo Luau presented by the Sheraton Kona Resort should be your choice. It is centered around the island history and tradition. The guests sit under the stars and the hala trees and become completely drawn into the culture and history of Hawaii. The revue tells historical stories, such as depicting the birth of one of the most well known kings, King Kamehameha III. King Kalakaua magical surfing stories are also presented. Many people are not aware that for most of its history Hawaii was a monarchy.

The Royal Kona Resort offers the Royal Kona Luau, which is similar to the Island Breeze. This one is billed as the best value. The revue uses dance and song to describe the story of ancient Polynesians making an epic journey across the Pacific Ocean and finally settling in Kona. True to the Polynesian theme, the last dance is the impressive Samoan fire dance.

Each of these luaus is wonderful in its own unique way. You cannot make a bad choice. With fine dining steeped in culture you will learn something about the Hawaiian people. This feast will round out your time in paradise.

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