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A Guide To The Air Ambulance Edmonton Sector

By Marci Nielsen

Air ambulance services usually involve the use of the air transportation system in the relocation of patients from one place to the other. This form of medical relocation gained prominence during the First World War. Inside the aircraft, patients are provided with all the necessary medical attention. Through air ambulance Edmonton residents are enjoying quality emergency services.

The ground officer is usually charged with the duty of undertaking in-depth assessment of the suitability of aerial emergency relocation for each particular case. This happens to be a very important role in the aerial emergency relocation process and extensive training is offered to help improve the efficiency of this role.

The safety of air ambulance crew, together with that of a patient usually helps gauge the suitability of aerial transfer. Bad weather can prove to be very detrimental to aerial transport and it is for this very reason, weather is given due consideration before departure. The air traffic patterns should also be analysed prior to the undertaking. The length of the journey is also a critical component in the decision making process.

For a patient to be found suitable for aerial transport, it should be proved that any other form of emergency relocation is deemed detrimental to his or her condition. It is also worth noting that if the crew are not comfortable with making the aerial transfer trip, then the whole process has a justifiable case for abandonment.

There has been a general public perception that aerial medical emergency transfer services pose a certain degree of risk. This is however not the case because aerial transport still remains the safest mode of transport. However, some factors tend to increase the occurrence of crashes. One of these factors is bad weather. Night flights have also come to be observed to have a slight increase in crash probabilities. Post crash fires are also considered a great hazard.

These aerial ambulances have come to be known to provide search and rescue services during periods of man-made or even natural disasters. Military aerial combat crafts have also been adopted as battlefield ambulances. Helicopter emergency relocation is mostly suitable for covering short distances. Long distances are however reserved for fixed wing crafts.

This trend of aerial emergency moving has experienced quite a high level of traction in the acceptance by the general public. It is interesting to note that despite the acceptability of this development, the first civilian helicopter-based medical relocation service was done in 1972 at Denver, Colorado.

Edmonton, Alberta residents have a wide array of choices when it comes to selecting their emergency service providers. A well informed decision can only be achieved by making a comparison of all the services offered by the several industry players. The internet has made this process far easier by providing all the necessary information on this vital service.

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