mardi 30 juin 2015

The Different Types Of Church Outreach

By Francis Riggs

We have been given the mandate of spreading the gospel by God as Christians. It is our due responsibility to ensure that we let everyone know about his word of God. In our churches, we organize outreach from time to time. In this article, we will explore church outreach types that we can engage in order to spread the gospel.

Each and every ministry ought to have a program for reaching out to people. No single christian gathering can be able to offer all the types of outreach ministry. In his wisdom, God blessed us humans with unique gifts to excel in specific outreaches. Church outreaches can be categorized broadly into essential and optional ministries.

Essential outreaches refer to those that we must carry out. There are some that are stated clearly in the Bible that we ought to carry out. Direct evangelism is among these essential ones. We can minister directly to people when we met them or go to them directly. The Bible tells us to tell other people about God and his love for us.

World missions are also essential. It is not just enough to tell your neighbors and friends about Jesus, you should reach out to others far away. The Bible says that each church should reach out to people about of the local community.

The needy and the poor in our society also need to know that God loves them. As Jesus was telling his followers about heaven, he told that whoever does not clothe, or shelter or feed a needy person cannot enter his kingdom. He told them that the least of their brothers are the needy, and they also ought to show love because they are his children too.

Children also ought to know about the word of God. In the Bible, Jesus told his disciples to allow the children come to him because they belong to the kingdom of God. Nowadays, most children are left by their parents without being attended to and so the enemy grabs them in their early stages and destroys their life. So we need to minister to children since they are delicate.

We have just mentioned essential ministries. Out of the ones mentioned above, others have been born inclusive of prison ministry. The individual behind bars have to realize that God loves them despite their state. Most of them normally lose of hope of getting out or gaining forgiveness. We need to restore this hope in them. The military and disabled also have to hear this wonderful word. They ought to know that the mercies, grace and love of God are abundant.

The youth is also vulnerable members of the community. The enemy normally entangles them in sin and lead them on the wrong path. They need to be brought back to light and taught the word. They also need to realize that God loves them the way they are and can restore their lives no matter the state. Finally, the above are just but some of the many types of outreaches. The most important thing is to share and spread the word of God to everyone on earth.

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