dimanche 28 juin 2015

Seeing All The Great Marvel Action Figures

By Ruthie Calderon

Human beings living within the United States know that they are able to purchase great looking dolls from different merchants. That is one reason that Marvel action figures are so popular around the entire world. There are so many to choose from and they are very great looking when displayed upon someone's living room table.

Thor and the rest of Avengers have been living in the same city for decades. None of these fictional characters ever seem to age and they also get younger looking as the years go by. One particular toy industry named Mego wanted to make a replica of Thor many years ago. Their plan proved to be successful since the doll was so great looking. His hair was long and wavy and all of his clothing was unique.

Thor has the ability to communicate with the other Gods through his faithful hammer which also controls his powers. The Mego doll came with a hammer and helmet within the box. Whenever someone places this doll up for option in mint condition they can expect to receive loads of money.

The Thor items made by a company named Toy Biz were very inferior to the Mego brands. Unfortunately a child could not remove Thor's helmet since it is attached to his head. All of his clothes are also painted on to his body and therefore he could never dress in other outfits. Anyone could purchase this item in its seven or six inch form. Every American toy store carried this doll at some point in time.

These toy industries are also known for making many of the super villains which are associated with this brand. Dr. Doom is a well known villain who is associated with the "Fantastic Four." He is one mean and twisted person who is always trying to destroy the world. Mego never made a statue of this evil male but other toy companies have duplicated him over the years.

No true fan could forget the time that the Green Goblin murdered Peter Parker's girlfriend in cold blood. This is one villain that any human being would stay away from during their lifetime. There are quite a few statues which resemble the Green Goblin at each and every toy store. If someone is very lucky they are able to purchase a Green Goblin which was made by Mego.

People were quite amazed at how unique Toy Biz made the Sentinels look when they first hit the market. These are iron robots which are very tall and they are on a mission to capture every mutant that is on Earth. Fans everywhere can set up a display which will exhibit a Charles Xavier doll and other X-Men.

The true toy collector will search high and low in order to buy a Spider Woman doll which was released many years ago. Spider Woman is not as popular as the Invisible Girl but she does have her moments. Decades ago ABC television produced an animated series named "Spider Woman." The show was not a great hit but people still enjoyed the style and glamour of this particular character. Nowadays her doll is almost impossible to get from local dealers.

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