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Helpful Information For Collectors Of Fine English Bone China Tea Sets

By Ruthie Calderon

Amongst collectors bone china has long been considered as the standard for high-quality, elegant dishware. It is characterized by its slim design, lightweight handling, and delicate patterns and it is a cherished possession of numerous people of significance such as royalty as well as those who simply enjoy owning things of value. These tips for selecting fine English bone china tea sets will help buyers know what to look for and choose only the best.

Each manufacturer of tea sets has their signature style and hallmark patterns that set it apart from the others. Some buyers may have a definite preference for one particular brand. Those which are of a certain age will be deemed either vintage or antique, and this will generally mean that they are worth substantially more.

The percentage of cow bone ash the china is made up of determines its quality. The top tier pieces contain between 30 and 45 percent. Two firings are applied to fine bone china, as opposed to regular china which only receives one. First a standard firing is done, followed by a second one during which a protective glazing is applied to give the dishes improved strength and break-resistance. Occasionally flaws occur during this process, which collectors should watch out for prior to purchasing a set.

Sets come in different sizes as well. The largest piece, the teapot itself, can have a capacity of anywhere from one cup to three liters, with most being one or two liters. Some sets may include more cups and saucers than others as well as additional pieces such as serving plates, creamer and sugar bowl etc.

There are a wide range of styles and colors of tea sets for sale on the collector's market to match every preference. Some may have a favorite make they wish to stick with, or they may be looking to buy a set that fits in nicely with other dishes they already own. Designs may feature subdued, solid colors, intricate patterns, or something in between these.

If someone owns an antique set, having it appraised is advisable since this is the only way to get an accurate picture of its value. The number of pieces and their size is a primary factor affecting the price of the set. Sometimes they actually sell for more money on a per item basis than they do as full set, unless that is what the buyer is specifically after.

The overall condition of the set plays a big role in its value. Even minor imperfections such as cracks, chips, and discolored spots, can negatively impact the worth. A "backstamp" is a mark which indicates the manufacturer and sometimes the name of the pattern too, this can also be particularly helpful for determining its date of manufacture.

Taking good care of the tea set is essential if one wishes to be able to pass it along as a treasured family heirloom. Handling it as little as possible, and storing it in a secured china cabinet when not in use is recommended. Delicate handling and cleansing with mild detergent and water only as needed is the best way to keep the pieces in reasonable condition and around for many years to come.

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