mardi 30 juin 2015

The Procedures Of Protection From Electromagnetic Fields

By Francis Riggs

People in the world have very many needs. In order to cater for these needs a person has to have a job to do. This can be any activity that the person does and gets paid for their services. Luckily enough the earth is the biggest resource on the planet. It has numerous materials that can be used to cater for the needs of the people. Water is one of those materials. The ways of protection from electromagnetic fields are quite many.

Air is also another very popular material on the face of earth. This material is quite unique in many ways. Unlike many of the other elements on the planet air is invisible and not tangible in nature. No one can touch or see this element. People only get to see and feel the effects of its availability in the community. It is also a mixture of several gases including oxygen carbon dioxide, nitrogen and other rarely occurring gases in nature.

The plants in the forests also play a very major role in the maintaining the equilibrium of nature. In addition to the provision of food substances these plants also offer shelter to the wild animals and hence keeping them out of the community. Plants also help in the formation of relief rainfall that is very important to the farmers and other people that depend on rain for their water supply.

Finally the earth is another highly important resource in nature. It comprises of soils, rocks and numerous other materials. The soils come in various kinds including clay, sandy and loamy soils. Each one of these soil samples has its application in nature. Loamy soils are very important for agricultural practices. Clay soils on the other hand are used to create works of art such as statues and other molding crafts.

Numerous other important substances are embedded under the earth and these can be obtained through a process known as mining. It is simply the extraction of materials from the underneath of the earth. The commonly sought substances here include gold ore, iron ore and numerous other important metal species. These can be used in the making of several beautiful ornaments that can be sold for a profit.

Finally is a force known as magnetism. This force basically originates from the earth and rotates around the earth from one pole to the other. Other naturally occurring magnets in nature are the lodestone rocks. These rocks posses all the qualities of a magnet as well. They attract other magnetic substances towards them.

The force of magnetism is also very essential. This force originates from the core of the earth and revolves around it from the North Pole to the South Pole. Smaller versions of this magnet are the lodestone rocks that occur naturally. This theory has harnessed and the commercial creation of magnets in laboratories took precedence.

They have further been used in lifting heavy metallic objects in the industrial sectors. Mechanisms are created that can make temporary magnets to carry and deliver heavy things at the point of needs. They are also used in hospitals to rid metallic objects from the human body. Over exposure can however harm the human body. To prevent this proper dressing should be done.

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