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The Essence Of Learning Styles Survey

By Carolyn King

Different learning styles determine how well one absorbs information or content. Understanding these methods is important to teachers because it helps them to avoid wasting time using an approach that will not bear results. Learning styles survey makes it easier to handle different pupils. A teacher will also maximize the contact hours between him and the pupil. This disparity is the reason some subjects are easier to tackle than others.

There are three main methods of acquiring knowledge leading to three categories of learners. There are kinesthetic or tactile learners, visual learners and finally auditory learners. Most learners employ a combination of methods but there is always the dominant one. To get the exact method, you need to consult a professional in education. This makes it easier to handle pupils and thus effectively deliver desired content.

The survey involves questions aimed at establishing the character of a learner. They range from the books he or she reads, how to find solutions in difficult situations, action in public areas, etc. The questions may also touch on reaction when something happens, e. G. When attacked by an animal. The answers provided point at reactions and perspective about life.

Visual learners absorb information better when it is presented in the form of diagrams, maps and charts. The minds of visual learners create connections or association between techniques and images. This is the best way they can remember these concepts. For visual learners, narrations or reading through long texts is boring and a waste of time. Their way of finding a solution is by drawing diagrams and creating connections.

Auditory learners understand best when a speech or narrative is given. This makes their memory of spoken words excellent. They prefer listening to endless speeches and narrations other than using diagrams. This way, they can capture a lot of what needs to be learnt. Their concentration or eye contact with the person making the presentation may be off. This does not mean that their attention is divided. You will be surprised to hear them ask questions on subjects mentioned as a by the way.

Tactile learners are also referred to as kinesthetic learners. Their mode of acquiring knowledge is through active engagement. An idea becomes clearer to them when they perform or experiment it. They easily get bored watching presentations or listening to long speeches. Such people also use their bodies or activeness to covey ideas and feelings. A concept is never true until they can experiment and ascertain it.

Each class comprises of different types of learners. It is upon a teacher or facilitator to find a dynamic way of accommodating all of them. The best way is to consider the concepts being taught and thus find a way of delivering it effectively. A history or literature teacher can take care of different preferences by taking them on a tour to the theater or historical site.

A student is easier to handle when you understand his or her learning method. There are tests designed by professionals to enable you perform this task. Using tests prepared by amateurs is always misleading and may cause you to mishandle a student. A combination of methods will be effective depending on the concept being handled at a particular time.

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