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Herb Grinders Enhance Ordinary Recipes

By Barbara Reynolds

The cooking craze is inspiring many to create their own recipes or use their kitchen more than ever. People from all backgrounds come up with culinary creations that most probably never thought of before. Of all the gadgets that are being used to cook, some are rediscovering how to use herb grinders to flavor their meals.

Time saving tools are a good investment for the person who enjoys tasting their food. While there are many seasoning blends made with dried herbs and spices, these often have a lot of salt and fillers. Even though the prepacked products may have a long shelf life, the fresh taste is incomparable.

Anyone who has cooked with herbs knows that the preparation can take a lot of time when using knife or kitchen shears. Some cooks like to use their hands but then they may have a strong herbal scent on their person long after leaving the kitchen. Grinders save time and cleanup is easier, which can be beneficial to those who cook meals often.

There are many places for fresh herbs and spices in even the simplest cooking. From appetizers to dessert, these flavors may be added during preparation or used as a topper. Sometimes people may have more than they need so the best solution would be to place to excess in a bag and freeze for no more than six months.

The wide variety of herbs lends itself well for the person who likes to experiment. While some people may like their food spicy, others may prefer their cuisine to be a combination of many mild flavors. There are some herb and spice blends that work well with fruit or chopped vegetables as a way to flavor meat or side dish.

Many people are using herbs and spices as a way to reduce the salt and sugar content in meals. Many restaurants use these ingredients, along with oils, in excess. This is one reason it is not recommended for anyone to eat out on a daily basis, even if they appear to be in good health. The pronounced flavor that comes with freshness is designed to distract from a salty or overly sweet taste. When a nice amount of spices are used in desserts, sugar substitutes like honey may be used to reduce calorie count.

Those looking to reduce their salt intake should pay special attention because some herbs have medicinal qualities. Besides helping to lower blood pressure, those suffering from other chronic ailments will benefit from using freshly cut garlic, peppers and other herbs. Some people who have used herbal blends instead of salt in their cooking have reported a significant weight loss.

Those edibles that grow from the earth can be some of the best tasting ingredients in any recipe. Like fruits and vegetables, preparation does not have to be a job, as there are time savers. Once a person uses this to make meals, they will find it more convenient than getting out a food processor.

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