dimanche 25 septembre 2016

Rules To Adhere To When Updating Athletic Blog Posts

By Douglas Butler

During the early days, athletes were not supposed to update their Olympic blog posts. This is because the committee was afraid to release the live updates. Therefore ones who do this were penalized since they had gone over the rules and break them to post the proceedings in the field. This was not possible till Olympics which were held in Beijing china in 2008. This was because the Olympic committee was afraid of athletes releasing sensitive information about the task to the public hence the ones did this were penalized. Therefore athletic blog was supposed to be kept private.

Today, it is possible to do this by following rules which guides on the content one can release and the ones which must remain confidential. For instance, the confinement of the content is solely entitled to athlete experience. The other rule is that you are not allowed to post any audio or video content concerning ongoing competitions.

The other thing you must adhere to is the pictures in which you post in the internet. These pictures are supposed to me still ones which are taken from the place you are watching the competitions. Therefore if you post a video event going on, you will be held accountable for your mistake and penalized for the act.

The order from the committee for the content to be removed is taken and the person who posted it is made liable. Therefore the athlete who did this will be penalized and accounted for the damage according to the experience one has on the Olympics. Audio files are also prohibited being posted on blogs until the time comes when Olympics are over.

Respecting the rules is expected at all times to ensure a smooth operation and piece throughout the Olympics session. However, the IOC will demand for the person responsible for discussing their content to remove them and in cases there will be penalties for athlete who has done that. In this case you are supposed to adhere to every rule set to continue participating in Olympics.

However, there are people who do not adhere to regulations and they end up having their websites burned or ordered to remove the motion pictures when the committee realize of existence. The penalties for this if done by an athlete depend on the experience one has since started participation in athletics.

In cases where the athletes have agreements with their sponsors, you are not supposed to make those comments in your blog or refer to any substantial materials which talks about the agreement whether directly or indirectly. All these limitations are set only for bloggers to allow the committee of having their commissioned broadcasting contractors to do so.

Nowadays, it is possible to have all the streaming from the internet on the competitions on the ground and not have to wait to the end of the game for the video to be released. Following the event is more encouraging since you will be able to see the activities and the energy your loved ones are making in the field.

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