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The Reasons For Installing An Eye Washing Station

By Carolyn McDonald

Chemical workers face a myriad of dangers. They risk chemical exposure. Chemical exposure may result in chemical burns or irritations. Medical workers and lab technicians are also in danger of exposure. For medics, chemical exposure could result in severe infection. In this regard, these workers must have protective gear to work in. This range from facial protection equipment to protective footwear. Regardless of this proactive measure, accidental chemical exposures may take place. It is there for important to have an emergency cleaning unit. An eye washing station is also important for reasons discussed herein.

The eye rinsing unit serves to minimize the severity of chemical exposure. It is a point used mainly for the facial exposure. The facility contains liquids that wash away the chemicals while minimizing their impact. The fluid is determined after a job risk analysis. The chemicals in the laboratory or area are analyzed. Their chemical composition is determined. A counter-active fluid is then installed in the rinsing unit. It renders the chemical inactive or minimally reactive.

The legislation requires that certain facilities have these stations. Failure to adherence could result in a shutdown of operations. The building plans submitted to the building approval committee must have facial rinsing units. The number of units should be reasonable to serve the staff present. Also, they must be situated reasonably within reach in time of need.

Safety and standard operating procedures should be instilled. The managers should be fervent trainers in safety. Trained workers face minimum exposure. Also, when exposed, they handle the matter as required. Different chemicals have different required rinsing time. That is dependent on how corrosive they are.

There are a myriad of designs of facial flushing fluid stations. There is no specific standard design. The standard is dependent on the nature of work and the industrial structure. It should, however, be adjustable to suit people of different heights.

The facial rinsing station can be used to clean garments exposed to chemicals. Sometimes spillages occur on clothing. These small spots can be washed out at the eyewash unit. In the case of extended exposure, emergency showers must be available. Exposed clothing must be changed after rinsing, for further cleaning.

Portable facial flushing bottles are also common. These are more effective compared to immobile ones. They are recommended for outdoors and jobs that allow for carrying a bottle. The response time is reduced. In this light, the exposed area is more likely to be salvaged.

Individuals running these risky premises must ensure they understand the hazard present in their operations. They must communicate this to their staff. Training is important to minimize the prevalence of such accidents. However, they must understand that eye washing is just first aid. A medical examiner must be consulted after that for a comprehensive diagnosis. There are companies offering legions of safety solutions for such industries. Managers must liaise with them for comprehensive solutions.

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