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Deciding On A Guitar Amp Repair

By Donald Wilson

Both solid state and vacuum tube amplifiers will require regular checkups and occasionally a fault repaired. Most guitarists will at some point need a guitar amp repair. A few points should be taken into account before opting to have the work carried out.

There are two main kinds of amplifier that are commonly used. There is a stand alone head unit, popular with pro musicians or a combination model with integrated speakers. The price of repairs or inspections will vary significantly depending on how many parts are needed and the complexity of the job.

Vacuum tube amplifiers will require more maintenance than a solid state model. Spare tubes are often carried by working musicians and will need to be replaced now and then and it is imperative that the correct type is fitted. Any work carried out on this type of amp should be carried out by a professional due to the voltage running through them and also to have the necessary guarantees and after sales service.

Solid state models are a little easier to work on and maintain in the home or by the amateur electrician. Small faults can be fixed using everyday tools and do not take a lot of time to complete. If the breakdown or failure is more serious then it is always a good idea to have the job done by an expert and most musical instrument stores will offer this service.

Most parts that will be needed can either be found online or in guitar stores. When buying electrical components it is a good idea to ensure that they are covered by a warranty and that they have met the safety requirements. Second hand items can be used and in the case of speakers for a combo this can be a very cost effective way to carry out a repair.

Original parts should always be used if possible, particularly on vintage or valuable amplifiers. Using these factory components ensures that the value is not affected and that they will be of the correct spec. Many manufacturers and registered dealers will still stock items for older models and these should be used when available. The factory is also the better choice for carrying out the work due to their specialist knowledge.

For the do it yourself repairer there are various texts available with diagrams and pictures and also online step by step videos. After ensuring that the correct replacement items have been sourced and the appropriate tools are available to be used, the repairs can be done. Always have any work checked by a qualified engineer as many clubs and concert halls will need certificates for any equipment used on their premises.

The price of these repairs or servicing will alter according to how many parts are needed and the hours required to complete the work. A small fault can be rectified for just a few dollars but a more complicated job or refurbishment can run into thousands. Also be aware that if the amp has to be sent away for repair then the carriage and postage costs will have to be factored into the total price of the job.

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