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The Latest Technology News Reviews Rumors And Reports

By Edward Cooper

When it comes to dealing with the world of technology, you can be 100 percent sure that something new and exciting is happening somewhere all the time. This means that staying oblivious to these changes could lead to complete loss of contact with inventions that have the potential to completely change ones work, interactions and family life. If you have been feeling a little left out on the happenings in the technology world, here is the latest technology news reviews rumors and reports.

To start with, last year saw a lot of interesting things happen to Google, one of the largest tech companies on the globe, the business merger and the change of name to Alphabet. Well, it seems that things are getting better for alphabet because the latest sources indicate the company is overtaking apple in size and profitability. The latest from the financials shows that alphabet is overtaking apple, which has been at the helm of the most profitable tech companies worldwide. With a 22 percent rise compared to apples 22 percent stock market drop, alphabet is clearly going places.

Two weeks ago, alphabet was reported to be closing business at an average price of $720 and a market cap of about 500 billion dollars. Apple on the other hand was reported to be closing at $97 with a cap of about 540 billion. Financial advisers claim that apples loss of market cap leadership is a trend that may continue for a while. This is definitely something to ponder about if you are thinking about investing in technology.

On a lighter note, apple made that funny face swap app and now everyone is using it, talking about it and sharing their hilarious photos of it on all social media platforms. The app allows you to change the face of a digital image with another, in an attempt to see how you would look with a different face. The results are definitely putting huge smiles on peoples faces.

As expected, rumors about the iPhone 7 have already started surfacing. The most reliable sources seem to indicate that the new model will feature no antenna lines and the camera bump at the back of the device will disappear. If this is true, this gadget will be quite sleek.

As was expected with the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6S, consumers are looking forward to a complete overhaul of the physical features of the iPhone 7 handset. As a matter of fact, a series of memes have already started making rounds about a ridiculously long version of the apple phone, which is seen as the peoples way of asking for more screen inches. However, it is likely that very little will change.

It is expected that the new model will be in the market by September this year. This is the month when apple normally releases their gadgets. There have been indications that the gadget could get to the market before then, but nothing is confirmed yet.

Those are just a few newest happenings from the world of techies. Staying informed is vital both for lovers of technology and those that shy away from it. In order to know everything as it happens, look for a reliable source of news, and get to know everything as it happens.

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