dimanche 30 novembre 2014

What's Working Now With SEO & How To Take Advantage Of It

By Joseph Stan

When it comes to generating traffic there are hundreds if not thousands of products on the internet that promise you to help you get more visitors to your website. The truth is if you want to increase the number of visitors to your website there are few things you should be doing that can help you. One of them is search engine optimization.

This article will be aim at helping you take advantage of a few simple techniques you implement to your website or blog right now to see almost immediate results. Without a doubt seo will always be the best way to generate traffic, which is why having a well optimized site is crucial if you want to rank on Google. The first thing you should do is optimizing your site with your target keywords in the title, description and keyword tags of your website. Many people make the mistake of adding keywords that are not relevant to your site when you should be only adding keywords that you want to target.

If you are one of the millions of people who have a blog then the only thing that will set you apart from the rest is your content. Great content generates traffic because people will always share your posts if they learned something or find value in your content. But it's also important to focus on optimizing each individual post by creating keyword friendly permalinks so search engines can easily crawl your posts.

A quick yet extremely powerful thing you can do is add a sitemap to your blog or website. If you use Wordpress you can easily find free plugins to installed a sitemap with a single click. You can then take that sitemap and submitted to webmaster tools to get a deeper understanding of your site's rankings and the areas that you need to work on.

Hopefully you can see that even though these are simple seo solutions that take only a few minutes to setup it can have a huge impact in the success of your site or blog in terms of rankings. Work hard to increase the authority of your website and the traffic will come naturally over time.

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