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Processes Used By Custom Screen Printing Services

By Ida Dorsey

There are so many ways in having your shirts printed with designs or illustrations on them. But then again, you would want to do it on your own since having it from shops doing it for you might be fast and easy but can come at a price. If you are a person who likes to make your own craft, then this could be very useful for you.

There are a few things you need to get before doing this. A lot of custom screen printing services in Fort Worth TX have certain materials also that they use to generate shirt designs that their customers want from them. Although you can do the same in a small scale if you want to try it out.

The basic process for this silk screen printing is that a photo emulsion is spread on the screens and then with the cutting out of the design, it uses the print outs from a clear paper. This way the design is sort of imprinted on the photo emulsion and makes the holes of the screens. This is where the paint can be spread over it to print on the shirt.

The materials that you would need for this procedure includes a screen frame or you can also use an old frame that can tightly hold the screens. Next is you need a photo emulsion with sensitizer, and then a bulb which is two hundred fifty watts which can be bought for four dollars, and latex gloves. The room you use should be pitch black.

Of course, you would need a plain shirt, a squeegee which can be bought for fourteen dollars, silk screen fabric ink which can be more or less five dollars, and then a small piece of cardboard or smooth thin piece of wood. This one is used for the inside of the shirt. This is during the printing process.

First, have the screens set up in the frame evenly and tightly. Apply the emulsion which comes in two parts which is the sensitizer and the and the main emulsion. Lay on a garbage bag below it and then start spreading the mixture using a squeegee. Make sure it is even and it comes in a thin layer.

After fully spreading it you have to leave it on a pitch dark room for about two hours or more until it dries. Go into the room but make sure it is not exposed to any light just yet. Print out the design you have in a clear sheet and then using masking tapes, tape it over the screen. This is what makes it cut out the design on the layer of emulsion.

Turn on the lamp and let it be exposed to the light for fifteen minutes. See if it already looks good after peeking through the faint cut outs, if not, let it stay for a bit longer. Overexposure can let the image bleed that is why you need to be careful.

You can then remove the exposed remnant of the screen with water. Make sure to completely remove them before letting them dry. After that, get your shirt and put a cardboard inside it for stabilizing. Place the screen over and make sure to align it well before pouring the ink. Spread it with the squeegee evenly in all directions then carefully take it out. Do this process for a couple times if you plan on varying colors.

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