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How To Make The Most Out Of A Trade Show Exhibit Display

By Ida Dorsey

In today's economy, finding and keeping loyal customers is very important to many business, big and small alike. A big part of this, however, is having an effective trade show exhibit display. That is where businesses choose to meet their potential customers face to face at trade shows, where a representative from the company will go and have a meet and greet with potential customers.

Introduce you company and brand effectively: In order for your exhibition to be effective, ensure to talk on relevant product information and not forgetting to brief information of your business. The information you pass to your audience a key to the success and expanding customer base of your company. Your target during the show is to gain the attention of consumers and hence using an attractive color is necessary. In case of a graphic design company, bright color and displaying some designs is recommended, a criteria which is not applicable to and old law firm.

But more important that the actual display itself is the representative. To be a rep at a show, you need to be friendly and assertive, able to talk to anyone who comes your way. It is a fast paced environment, and the company is paying good money to get their name out there. Professionalism is a must, but being open and friendly with your clients and putting your best foot forward is the best way to gain clients.

In order to reap maximum benefits from trade shows, a business needs to do adequate preparations before the event. Training of the business representatives is important. They should be properly informed about the company and the products. In addition to firm and product knowledge, the representatives should know how to handle visitors with courtesy and mild persuasion, without seeming to force them to buy a product.

After the potential client is met and the appointment is kept, follow up is key. One to two weeks after you have met with your potential customer, you must call or email them to follow up. You must be persistent, but not overly so. The whole point of doing these shows is to network and make connections that will hopefully last.

There is a need to be visible during an exhibition, banners bearing the company's logo and colors should be put at strategic points. Display of the product or samples of the product is a must. Product display should attract people, everything at your stall should be eye catching and original. A knowledgeable company representative should be on hand to answer any questions that visitors will have. The representative should be patient and friendly as well as smart but not condescending, courtesy is key.

If the product is a food item, invite show goers who are visiting your stall or stand to taste or sample your product. You can also give them some giveaways to go try at home. Give out some little memorabilia to your visitors.

Branded items like hats, caps, key holders, are ideal to turn your visitors into future customers Have a feedback form and a pen ready, invite your visitors to share their thoughts about your products with you. Record your visitors' contacts. Pay them a courtesy call one week after the event, thanking them for attending the show and in particular for having visited your stall. You will have won yourself loyal customers who will order again.

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