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Romance Novel Reviews Help Readers To Choose Books They Will Enjoy

By Brian West

Reading remains one of the great pleasures of life, whether it is for the purpose of learning of for pure pleasure. It is interesting to note that most avid readers still prefer real books over their electronic versions. Many readers favour specific authors or genres while others will read anything they can get hold of. Those that prefer romantic stories are in good company. This genre has millions of fans. Romance novel reviews help them to decide which book to read next.

Love stories help people to forget about the everyday humdrum that have become an integral part of their lives. It is a form of escaping from reality. In traditional love stories the main characters always overcome the many problems that they experience and they eventually get together and live happily ever after. These fans read romantic books because they allow them to temporarily escape into a world where everything works out fine in the end.

Most reviewers publish their opinions on specific works on blogs or on their websites. Even a rudimentary search will reveal that there are numerous sites focusing on reviewing books dealing with romantic publications. Many reviewers specialize is a specific field of romantic writing. Some reviewers will take on anything classified as romantic but the most respected ones focus on a specific field within the romantic field.

The traditional romantic book focus on a heroin and a hero that overcomes many obstacles to find happiness together. This type of story still enjoy a huge share of the market. However, romantic writing has broadened its horizons to include works that focus on the darker sides of love, gay love and even love that is not condoned by society and most certainly not by religious groups.

When writing a review is is important to clearly indicate the target market for which the work has been written. Gay romantic literature, for example, may not appeals to middle aged ladies that want a hero and a heroin. The introduction to the review should make the broad approach of the book clear. This will help readers to decide whether the book will be likely to satisfy their personal preferences.

Good reviewers know that it is a cardinal sin to reveal the plot. There is no joy in reading a new publication already knowing how it will end. Reviewers should therefore rather focus on providing a summary of the story, a description of the main characters and the skill of the author. When readers study the opinions of reviewers they simply want to know whether they are likely to enjoy the book.

When writing their critique reviewers should never forget who the intended reader of the work are. They may personally find the work in poor taste, for example, but their own personal opinion is not really the issue. The issue is whether the book will appeal to the intended target market. Reviewers should therefore remain objective at all times and address their readers, not literary agents, publishers or literary experts.

Romantic publications have always been popular but lately they make provision for wildly diverse target markets. Nobody is forced to buy a specific book but by reading reviews prior to making a purchase books that will offend can be avoided. Reviewers play an important role in informing consumers about new publications.

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