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3 Lesser-Known Search Engines In Web Design New York

By Arthur Williams

When you think of search engines, your mind will immediately go to Bing, Yahoo and, of course, Google. Search engines are part and parcel of the digital age we live in today, but there have been many other engines designed for the purposes of search. As a matter of fact, many of them aren't well-known by the vast majority of people. For those who would like to learn more, here are 3 search engines you've probably never heard of, courtesy of web design New York companies.

Archie - Designed and launched by McGill postgrad Alan Emtage in 1990, Archie simply allowed people to search for information. While this isn't exactly groundbreaking by today's standards, it was quite unique a few decades ago. The name Archie was derived from "archive," of course without the v present. Also, if you believe that this tool shares any relation to the classic Archie comic strips, you'd be wrong. Funnily enough, Emtage wasn't a fan of them.

WebCrawler - According to companies like Avatar New York, WebCrawler is still used today. It was launched back in 1994 and its main claim to fame was being the first engine to implement full text search. These days, however, it's more of an aggregator that provides results from Google, Yahoo, and other sources of information. It's one of the oldest active search engines in the world, which makes it worth noting by those in New York web design.

Yahoo - WebCrawler isn't the only name that's still in activity, which brings us to Yahoo. Its search engine was created in 1995 and, at the time, it was arguably the most utilized engine in the world. Of course, this was before Google threw its hat into the ring in 1998. Nonetheless, Yahoo is still active today and owns a number of other brands. As any Internet marketing company will tell you, these include the likes of Tumblr and Flickr.

For those who consider themselves to be history buffs in web design, it's important to learn about the search engines that predate the ones we use today. Google was not the first engine in the world and it's unlikely that it'll be the last. Nonetheless, it's interesting to see just how far we have come in technology. These search engines may not be used anymore, but they serve as interesting pieces of history all the same.

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