dimanche 27 novembre 2016

Some Variations Of Unique Necklace Designs

By Jessica Stone

There are multitudinous girls who like dressing up to stay in style as well as to catch the eye of many people. There are those who are very particular when it comes to the way they accessorize themselves, too. Bracelets, necklaces and earrings are just some of the things that a woman would want to decorate herself with.

One of the most common accessories as mentioned above is the necklace. Many are drawn to buying such and even ensure that they choose and buy unique necklace designs to match with their outfits. It comes in different types which go with different types of clothing.

The type that has garnered the attention and taste of the youth of today is the choker which many people think has just surfaced but really, it has resurfaced rather, as such was popular in the 90s. They come in different materials as well as color like the edgy nylon tattoo, the elegant plain rose gold, or the dramatic pearl in a black, velvet ribbon. They can be paired with pretty much anything, even a plain shirt.

Another one is the bib whose appearance gives that of a sizzling effect. It is comprised of layers of bling, chains, beads or even gems that form a waterfall effect and as its names suggests, yes, it does look like you are wearing a bib like the ones that babies wear, except that it is not cotton. They are better worn with plain or simple necklines like tubes or off shoulder tops in order for them to stand out and not look heavy on your decolletage.

The funk and the spunk are given off by multi layered necklaces which are made of chains or straps. They overlap each other in different sizes which creates a very good, draping collar effect on any outfit. They are better paired with dull outfits to spice your look up a bit without going overboard with it.

The pendant necklace, however, is one that is timeless. Most of them use delicate chains with pendants that drape and highlight your collarbone. They come in a variety of size and material however, yet still suits everything and is the kind that should never be missing in the closet of a woman.

Another one that gives a pop and burst of color to any summer or spring outfit is the tassel. It is long and has a tassel that acts as a pendant which allows it to go well with a Boho chic outfit as well as tops with patterns. They are perfect for summer and spring because of the burst of colors that the beads give off.

The rosary style looks like the usual rosary as it comes in a Y shape. Most are made with beads which allow it to resemble a rosary while others are made of thin chains and a gem pendant that hangs at the bottom where the cross in a rosary usually is. Like the tassel, it is perfect to complete a bohemian look and it also suits a plunging V neckline as it will appear to drape comfortably in the middle.

It is important that one knows how to mix and match her accessories in order to hype up her style. However, its also essential that you are comfortable with what you are wearing. Comfort should always be your priority instead of style.

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