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Benefits That A Fixed Blade Camping Knife Has Over Other Options

By Stephen Martin

There is a charm about collecting things. People have their own preferences and while some prefer to collect more decorative stuff, others collect things with practical uses. There are many knife enthusiasts around the world. These tools are useful for many things especially for outdoor activities like camping and hunting.

There are many things you would possibly need to survive days or even just a night out in the wild. You would need tents, ropes, cooking stuff and most especially a handy survival knife. There has always been a debate about what kind of knife is more preferred. The fight is between the foldable ones and the fixed blade camping knife.

While folders are getting more popular, there is still very good reason to use fixed knives. They may not be compact but you can assure that using them is absolutely efficient and convenient. The strength that they have is very useful for cutting through tough things.

Tasks like using the blade as a makeshift screw driver, or for digging holes on the ground do not need any hesitation. Since no dirt or debris are going to get stuck on the hinges, you would not need to worry about the damage that the activity could do to the tool. If there was any damage at all it would all be from making the blade dull, which can be easily remedied. Twisting the thing will not make the sharp part come lose from the handle, since there are not hinges holding both parts together.

You also have the option of choosing whatever length you want for the sharp area. Folders are not able to accommodate very large blades since that would make the whole structure weaker. The longer the blade for folders, the more force it is going to give on the screw area of the handle. This makes fixed knives the default choice when choosing a knife for outdoor adventuring.

The concealment disadvantage is not exactly a deal breaker if you are using the knife for camping purposes. It makes cutting through stuff easier. This is only a legitimate disadvantage if you lug it around the city since there is a possibility for you to get sanctioned for it. A knife is still a weapon, after all. This is why the folders tend to be the more popular choice lately.

Like mentioned earlier it is simpler and more safe to do outdoor tasks with a fixed knife than one that folds. The only accident that can possibly happen is not being careful and cutting yourself with the sharp edge. There is no need to worry about the blade accidentally folding if you exert too much force. It is also less likely that the sharp end would get removed from the handle since it is already embedded with the handle itself.

Maintenance and cleaning is easier. Some of the tasks involving knives are essentially messy. There is no limit to how long the knife should be since there is no worry that the force exerted would damage the tool, unlike folders. Although, you should really consider the length of the tool depending on its expected usage.

These tools are not only for outdoor use, they can be really handy during emergency situations too. It remains important to keep and know how to use something as life saving as a survival knife because you never know what kinds of freak accidents and situations you can get yourself into. To get the right one, make sure you know what you need it for. A blade that is too big may not be effective and one that is too small may not get the task done properly.

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