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The Role Of Blood Pressure Monitors At Home

By Ronald Fisher

Health is a necessity and a blessing indeed. Seeing the lifestyle today many people get to suffer from several diseases and the number is increasing as well. The notable and common diseases include blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, tumor, diabetes, etc and they can be cured with time respectively. Blood Pressure Monitors provide patients clinical grade at-home monitoring for early detection of abnormal hypertension and irregular heart rhythms. Be proactive and stay on top of your heart health so this silent killer can be beat and won't be silent to you anymore.

Since heart is the most vital organ in the body, it needs to perform efficiently at all times. Alarmingly, one out of three individuals suffers from high blood pressure in USA and nearly the same number can be seen elsewhere across the world. This means that people who suffer become susceptible to kidney failure, strokes, heart attacks and even blindness. Your circulatory bp system is dynamic and always changing throughout the day so that is why you should average 2-3 readings and always take your readings at the same time each day.

The cause of this phenomenon, known in the health-care community as the seasonality of hypertension, is unknown, but a few theories have been proposed. One is that the sympathetic nervous system, which prepares the body to deal with stressful or emergency situations, is ramped up by cold weather which, in conjunction with decreased sodium excretion due to diminished sweating causes the BP to rise.

Since diuretics not only cause a desired drop in BP, if the sodium excretion caused by them is excessive they can cause abnormally low readings, which in and of themselves can be problematic, particularly in the elderly where the risk of fainting and bodily injury are commonplace.

The wrist with its attached cuff of the monitor conveniently fits and different sizes ranging from 5 to 8 inches can be bought respectively. The BP Level Indicator which is present shows the reading and compares it to the reference values too. The Movement Sensor indicates the movement and the position of the body at any time.

Some models take you closest to the professional machine. Very simple to use; if you can push a button you can use this device. If you are on the go it will run on batteries or you can plug it in and power it that way.

The entire device is a boon for the high BP patients and will allow them to curb the associated risks of hypertension by keeping a regular check on their BP levels. Being a portable device, it can be easily packed and carried to places, which makes it easier to note the readings on a regular basis, even while traveling.

Although the device has numerous benefits, it comes with a drawback as well, just like any other thing in this world. The main downside of some of these devices the BP analyzer software, as some of the users reported that they faced difficulties in installing the software in Windows 7 and some even said that their software crashed. These could be minor problems that any electronic device may have and the warranty provides the requisite protection against these problems.

This amazing BP monitor also comes with a built-in Traffic Light Hypertension Monitor, which allows the patient to analyze and compare their blood pressure levels to the national standards. While the green zone indicates a normal BP level, the orange zone indicates stage 1 hypertension and the red zone is an indication of stage 2 hypertension.

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