lundi 11 juillet 2016

The Do's & Don'ts Of Web Design, From Lounge Lizard

By Arthur Williams

Web design is one of the most interesting processes in the world, and the likes of Lounge Lizard will be able to agree. After all, there are several different sites on the Internet today, so it's easy to imagine that they've been created in particular ways. How can you get the most out of your own web design efforts, you may wonder? For those who are curious about getting heavily involved in this process, consider the following do's & don'ts.

DO be certain of your goals. If you're looking to excel in web design, you're not going to get far without an idea of what you'd like to succeed in. For example, if you're the owner of a business that sells video games, the goal might be to create your own ecommerce platform. This is where the guidance of web design companies can prove useful. After all, goals ensure that the work of companies like Lounge Lizard is effective.

DON'T overlook the impact of clutter. Next, you should make sure that clutter is cleared from your website. The reason for this is that it can negatively impact the experience your visitors gain. When there is even a moderate amount of clutter present, it becomes all the more likely that those visitors will click away. By keeping your interface clean, not to mention simple, your web design efforts will stand a greater chance of being maximized.

DO place social media icons with care. Even though your official website will be the focus, as far as your audience is concerned, this doesn't necessarily mean that other avenues should be overlooked. In fact, social media icons like Facebook and Twitter should be placed in either the header or footer. This way, people can access your social accounts without having their user experience hindered. Careful placement of social icons is essential.

DON'T forget to take breaks, too. Finally, when you're working on a website, chances are that you'll spend hours on a single project. This is why it's important to step away from the computer, allowing yourself the opportunity to take breaks. By doing so, you don't become so easily overwhelmed by the aforementioned work. In addition, you'll be able to yield better results, not only for your clients but yourself as well.

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