mercredi 13 juillet 2016

By Utilizing Excel Programming San Francisco Companies Van Forge Ahead

By Patrick Gray

It would be unthinkable to try and run a business without a computer. It is even unthinkable to imagine a home without a computer. Modern life is complex, fast and in many different ways, computer driven. One of the ways in which both businesses and households thrive is to use all available data to base decisions upon. This is the scientific way of going about making important decisions. With professional Excel programming San Francisco businesses can use their available data to trump their competitors.

Spreadsheet programs are probably among the most versatile software available to computer users today. Their prime function is to perform calculations but modern spreadsheet software offers much more than the ability to calculate totals, averages and percentages. They can display data in graph format, they can calculate probabilities and they can even be used for basic bookkeeping functions, to name just a few.

To make things even easier, almost all spreadsheet programs offer users a wide variety of ready made solutions. These are called templates. Users can use these templates to create quotations, invoices, budgets and estimates, to name just a few. In most cases these templates can be customised by adding a logo and other user specific information. Using such templates do not require a great deal of skill.

There is another side to modern spreadsheet programs, however. While even laymen can use its basic functions productively, it also offer extremely sophisticated functions to those that are experts in statistical analysis, mathematics and engineering specialists. Such experts use spreadsheets to collect, display, analyse and present data in very sophisticated ways, using highly advanced models and functions. The use of these features require expert knowledge and considerable experience in the field concerned.

Advanced spreadsheet solutions require advanced knowledge in two totally different areas. The programmer need to know how to use all the advanced features of the software, but more importantly, he needs to understand the subject matter of the field for which the solution is designed. Finding a programmer that conforms to both requirements can be very difficult and that is why it is considered better to hire agencies that employ multi disciplinary teams.

When hiring a spreadsheet programmer it is vital to hire an agency that employs programmers that are both spreadsheet software experts and experts within the field for which the solution must be developed. One would not hire a ghost novelist on the basis that he knows the insides out of a word processing program. Expert knowledge on the subject is more important than proficiency in using the software.

Spreadsheet solutions are often used during strategic decision making processes. Great care should therefore be taken to make sure that the data is manipulated correctly and scientifically. The programmer should present a detailed proposal along with examples of work previously done. It is equally important to make all relevant information available to the programmer.

Spreadsheets remain one of the most versatile programs freely available to computer users. They can help users to automate time consuming tasks, to analyse data and to present results in an easy to understand format. In fact, most businesses simply cannot operate without using spreadsheets.

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