dimanche 5 juin 2016

7 Best Books To Read When You Need Motivation

By Catherine Brooks

It is not only at your lowest point in life that you need inspiration. The most successful people are said to require it more often in order to stay on top. After all, the saying goes like being the best is easy, the hardest part is remaining there. Experts front reading as one of the trick to maintain your A+ game. Here is a compilation of the best books to read when you want to be at your peak in life.

Stephen Covey gave an inspiration masterpiece entitled The Seven Habits of Highly effective People. It has been considered as the best road map in life. In case being preachy does not appeal to you, this might not be your pick. In the retrospect, every page is crowded in excellent lessons. It does not matter the number of time you re-read the book, you will always find something new every time.

According to Dale Carnegie, sadness and happiness, success and failure are products of our human relationships. These lessons are borrowed from business interactions. In his book How to Win Friends and Influence People, he places personal interactions at the center of any journey towards success. It is his assertion that all our actions involve people. It is by making your relationships better that you increase your chances of success.

There is a mystery that surrounds every millionaire. Their stories appear to be laden with luck. However, for Napoleon Hill, there are common behaviors, thoughts and practices that create a millionaire. These traits are what he explores in Think and Grow Rich. For him, wealth, health, happiness and success in general do not result from greed and luck as is thought to be the case.

It has been said often enough that every individual possesses extraordinary power. This can be regarded as a giant within. It is up to you to discover how to awaken this giant. Antony Robins uses the book Awaken the Giant Within to draw your attention to minor issues that you can use to achieve this goal. In his thinking, your emotional, mental, physical, financial, etc destiny depends on how well you master your body and mind.

There is a lot of focus on immediate action and results by present day motivational writers. Interesting enough, 1902 saw the release of a title that remains relevant to-date. James Allen gave the world a thoughtful title As a Man Thinketh. This classic privileges the mind as the driver that determines the actions a person takes. It is these actions that determine your ultimate destiny. Your success or failure will depend on your personality.

Every encounter in life is about trading your personality regardless of being an employee, leader, spouse, business dealer, etc. This is what OG Mandino had in mind when he wrote The Greatest Salesman on Earth. The idea is that you will be happy depending on how well you trade your view point. You are the person to decide the content of the deal and ensure that it is in your favor.

Norman Vincent gifted the world The Power of Positive Thinking. Some claim that it deviates from many theological teachings. However, the words of Vincent have been confirmed by scientists including psychologists and sociologists. They all agree that positive thinking delivers the most desirable results in any situation.

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