mardi 1 mars 2016

Importance Of Portable Decontamination Shower

By Jennifer Long

Contamination with harmful chemicals or infectious agents is a problem that can be experienced anywhere in this world. In most countries, it is a must that casualties be cleaned at the scene of a chemical accident. In emergency and routine care of chemical incidents, it is important to have portable decontamination shower. Immediate response is usually necessary to reduce the cumulative effect toxins.

The equipments used for cleaning the body and the site are also known as decon units. They are employed in case a person becomes contaminated with infectious agents, radioactive and chemicals. Accidents can occur at a manufacturing plant of the chemical or when the product is being transported away from the factory. Terrorists use toxic chemicals that are radioactive and cause gruesome effects on the life of people. Other times there are outbreaks of highly contagious diseases that have to be contained.

Industries that deal with toxic chemicals require their workers to decontaminate after work to avoid intake of the chemical by the body of the person and spreading it. This is done on a routine basis. However, the United States Department of Labor expects such companies to also have emergency services in case mass accidents occur. When an exposure occurs, the cleaning services are done on the accident site. Now the best option will be to have potable decons that can be set at a convenient spot and serve more people.

These showers have large heads unlike the ones used at homes. The large size ensures that the whole body is covered during the wash out for maximum removal of the chemicals. They have steel bodies to avoid build up of bacteria and other infectious agents. There must be sufficient water that is clean for the device to work efficiently. The device must be able to heat water according to the American National Standards Institute.

Modern devices have sensors that activate the system once a person steps in cleaning zone. The unit should be able to accommodate the ambulant and non ambulant victims in a favorable way. To ensure comfort of the victim, the environment should be well heated. The unit should be set up such that there is good air flow to avoid contamination of air from evaporating chemicals. The flow rate of water must be high.

There are many companies that manufactures decon equipments. The market has a variety to offer for the portable units. They vary according to the number of people that they can accommodate at a go, size, compatibility and ease of setting the unit up. The collapsible ones are easy to transport and store since most parts can be folded in.

Decon units are usually set in the scene of the accidents for ease of access by the victims and to prevent spread of the contamination. An emergency set up should be within a walking distance of ten seconds. The decontamination process is done in three procedures. First, the victim clothing is removed plus any other possessions on them. The second part involves the cleaning procedure. Large amounts of water are used. The person stays under the water for a minimum of fifteen minutes. Lastly, the person is covered with clean clothes.

This activity should be carried out in a safe environment. The comfort of the casualty is of importance to ensure no additional trauma happens. Immediate action is very vital to prevent more damage from accumulated toxins and spread of the chemical.

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