jeudi 10 mars 2016

Christina Kelly & Understanding The Fashion Blogging Do's And Don'ts

By Rebecca Mills

Fashion blogging has become quite popular in this day and age, given the fact that there is so much information to consume. It can be given in a number of ways, and it's easy to see that blogging is one of the most engaging. You might be looking to get involved in this process, too. For those who are looking to get started in fashion blogging, seeing the utmost success in the long run, please keep these do's & don'ts, courtesy of Christina Kelly, in mind.

DO keep your niche in mind. Anyone who has taken part in fashion blogging can tell you that writers have their own particular niches, even if they don't realize it. Maybe you're someone who is partial to men's fashion, such as jeans, suits, and the like. In this situation, men's fashion would be your niche. Not only is it something you're interested in, but names along the lines of Christina DiMauro Kelly will tell you that better work will be created as well.

DON'T forget to stay active on social media. Another thing that fashion bloggers should know, which Christina Kelly can support, is that work can be shared across various channels. For this reason, you should try to focus on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, not to mention the many other social media platforms that exist. By keeping these in mind, chances are that you will become an even better blogger.

DO add high-quality images to your blog posts. Even though your written content might be strong, you shouldn't post said content alone. Images can enhance the quality of the aforementioned content, as they provide visual aids on a number of topics. Make sure that the images themselves are of high-quality, though, without any graininess or pixelation in place. By following these steps, you'll be closer to running a better fashion blog.

DON'T forget that timeliness matters. Finally, understand that some posts are more timely than others, especially during the holidays. When you have these posts planned, you want to make sure that they go live accordingly. When it comes to news stories, posts related to them should not be any more than a week old. By staying timely, your success in the realm of fashion blogging will become even greater.

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