jeudi 28 janvier 2016

The Weekend NFL Predictions Against The Spread

By Rebecca Ellis

Just before the second round of the 2016 NFL Division playoffs commence, it is all fun, glamor and profound excitement to all the fanatics of the competitions, with many having speculations and various expectations on who they think will win, and why. The games are usually a favorite to many, and attract massive attention. In light of the NFL predictions against the spread, the following are my independent views on how various games will roll out, over the weekend.

The Kansas City Chiefs will take on New Englands Patriots, in a tussle that many argue will be hot, and thus difficult to assume what will ensue. Both teams have had their fair share of ups and downs, and it is therefore utterly confusing to speculate victory to any of the parties. The Chiefs, on their side, are in serious crisis of having to coordinate themselves in the game, deficient of proficient and highly essential players like Rob Gronkowski, among others. The Patriots are also not left out in this entanglement, since they will be lacking the influential services of Jeremy Maclin, their best offensive player. The player has not been in practice exercises, and this has sparked confusion as to whether he will be in the starting line-up, or not.

Another game scheduled for the weekend is Green Bay Packers against Arizona Cardinals. In my opinion, the Packers are not a very strong team, though they came behind to beat the Washington by a whooping seventeen points, last week.

Bearing in mind that the Cardinals have been on a purported holiday for a week, it is unequivocally true that they have spared all their energy and vigor, and are hoping to put it into action during this match. Their recent thunderous win against the Packers with a merciless 38-8, also reaffirms their untouchable form, in the recent past. Therefore, in light of the recent Cardinals appearances and their performance, I am of the view that they will be all smiles after the encounter, having comfortably outsmarting the Packers.

In yet another sizzling match, the Carolina Panthers will be welcoming the Seattle Seahawks. The latter have had a seemingly difficult season if their performance in round one is anything to go by, and have surprisingly made it to the playoff matches. With reference to this track record, many would argue that they have nothing on the Panthers.

However, in my view, they overshadow the Panthers, in retaliation and revenge of their thin loss against the Panthers last month, of a meager four points. This happened before the Seahawks reorganized themselves and got back to their winning ways, which propelled them to the topmost position in DVOA.

Another difficult encounter will be between Pittsburgh Steelers and Denver Broncos. The former have had a series of downfalls in the last round, and will be aiming at reclaiming their former glory.

However, they are also faced with a regrettable blow of having to play without essential game changers like Antonio Brown and DeAngelo Williams. I presume that the Broncos will narrowly outweigh the Steelers.

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