jeudi 28 janvier 2016

Learn How To Create A Course Online

By Hopper G. Floresca

The search for knowledge is a constant quest, whether the goal be to learn something traditional or get instruction on a specialized task. Possessing the know-how on a particular subject can be a potential money making opportunity. An instructor can reach more students outside their local area by taking time to create a course online and opening it to everyone for purchase.

A lot of individuals prefer to take their training through internet courses instead of classroom settings for a number of different reasons. The most prominent motivation for this option is that it provides one the convenience of learning at their own pace in a place that makes them comfortable and has no distractions. Affordability is another attractive quality.

Some may question the wisdom of creating yet another instructional presentation when there are already so many available. The point is that even when multiple versions of a similar topic are posted, each will be somewhat different and people like to have choices. There are some key aspects that will be a bigger attraction to potential students, so a proprietor may want to make sure to hit those marks.

One may find out how to do the presentation building process by following instructions found on the internet, or by purchasing a printed manual. With either option, one will need to have a few key items prior to starting, such as a high resolution webcam, a clear quality microphone, and a device that has the ability to connect to the internet. Programs such as Screenflow for screen recording, and Keynote or PowerPoint for publishing, will also be necessary.

The first thing one needs to do is chart out how the presentation will go. This entails deciding if multiple lessons will be appropriate, topic order and if an agenda or curriculum calendar would be advisable. It could also be beneficial to set up a specific email or helpline in case clients have questions or issues with any of the material contained in the program.

Another important factor is deciding who the target audience will be. The reason this should be done early on is because it will affect so many things such as the presentation's appearance, tone, graphics and videos, marketing and cost. The price of the final product should be high enough to show its worth, but not so expensive that those for whom it is intended can not afford it.

After completion, the next step is designing a marketing strategy. This plan includes factors like using YouTube, Vimeo and other video sharing options to promote the program, going Facebook Ads or Google AdWords to get quick links to the sales page, and utilizing the various social media options to gain exposure. The target audience has a huge impact on advertising choices.

Other things one may wish to consider are effective advertising pitches, purchasing venues, payment options and how aggressively the program should be promoted. It is always best if the program is designed with Mac, PC, smartphone and tablet format capabilities because it widens the prospective client field. The whole process is fairly simple and can be an easy way to make money on one's skills.

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