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Information On Prisoner Transport Systems

By Mattie Knight

This is a very sensitive area when it comes to security and a lot of stress should be put on it. Transportation done is mainly of convicts who are capable of causing harm or many other bad things. The personnel guarding them and their means of transport hence have to be chosen carefully and with a lot of safety measures. For the delivery to be done successfully the guidelines below should be followed on prisoner transport systems.

Transport vehicle should be keenly looked into and should be the first thing to put into consideration. Mostly the inmates are transported from secure areas such as courts or prisons and they are carried by vans or buses which are specially equipped for this task. Aircraft, railcars or other vessels can also be used but only in rare cases.

The windows on these cars are highly secured having bars and wire mesh on them. The panels on the doors have bulletproof glasses to increase the security. Usually separations of the guards and other security personnel on patrol occurs and thus there is need to equip the vehicles with radio communications to keep them in touch. There is also need to carry extra weaponry and devices that can be used for tracking.

The police officers operating these vehicles should be highly trained professionals. They mainly are from the correctional or court services; hence, have proper experience to handle the inmates. There is initial training on how to properly handle the prisoners. If they are passing through dangerous places, an escort of two or more police cars is available for enough back up.

Authorities can be in a position to mistreat the prisoners in the process of their transportation. Having security cameras all over the vans help reduce such cases. Recording from the videos can be used as evidence if this occur and thus ensuring justice has been done. In case the car is ambushed or is involved in an accident all the events leading to this will be well viewed and those responsible apprehended.

The capacity of the cars used in transportation should be large to accommodate a large number at a go. By doing this, the cost from fuel and maintenance of the vehicle will be cut short. Some companies sign contracts and they provide these services hence the few times they are on the move the less money they will demand. Planned schedules should also be drawn to ensure no wastage of time during the voyage of inmates.

Ensuring the safety of convicts by maintaining their health and welfare must be highly considered. Special cages built in these vans reduce the mixing of inmates of opposite sex or young ones with adults. The conditions in terms of temperature should be well maintained by use of equipments to regulate this.

When all this is put in order, prison transport system will ensure good service provision and no one is treated bad during transportation. When good guidelines are put in place, less problems will be incurred and everything will be done in time ensuring the safety of the guards.

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