lundi 9 novembre 2015

How To Live A Prosperous Life With Simplicity

By Mattie Knight

Seeking happiness has long been an issue for a lot of people. This is quite reflected on the amount of inspirational books published in the industry. There are differences on how one sees happiness. Many think that it has something to do with material acquisition. Others equate it to giving more to others than acquiring stuff.

Regardless of ones perception, there is one thing that remains common to many. We are all in search for that thing that can make us feel satisfied and contented. Questions such as how to live a prosperous life comes especially for those who think that prosperity equals happiness. At some point it could be. But there is more to it than that.

The major downside on becoming too attached with material things is that you never get satisfied of it. The more you have, the more likely you will crave for more. This is because material things are just passing. They do not last forever. Achieving true prosperity is when you invest on those things that last like values. Here are basic things you can do from your end to live the life you so desire.

Give more. Culture has taught us to work hard in order to improve ourselves and invite more opportunities on our way to come in. The more opportunities we seize, the more we get. Its as if acquiring more can give us value and more prosperity in life. It does not. Its human to feel unsatisfied and there is this tendency to desire more as things keep on coming in your life. You can never settle in this case. Giving is rather a more efficient way to feel contented than focusing on yourself alone.

Focus on living at the present. Yes its fine to visualize. We want to plan out things we wish to achieve. But its a whole new different thing if you keep on living for your future. There is even no guarantee that you will reach that stage. To enjoy real prosperity, you have to live and enjoy the present. Of course planning still matters. But it should not be your life.

Gratitude at all times. Good and bad things happen in life. And in all these things, you have to show gratitude. Practicing the act of giving thanks at all times is an excellent means to feel good and motivated everyday.

See the good side of everything. This is easier said than done. Indeed, how could you be so positive on things when everything seemed so be so bad. However, you must keep in mind that things happen for a reason. Your issue may seem like a bad thing. But who knows whats in store for you after that.

Constantly pray. In as much as how good you are at the things you do, your efforts alone will not be enough. You have to couple everything you do with prayers. This will not only help you come up with better decisions but will also keep you at ease, positive and happy.

Our perception on what prosperity is like is highly affected by different factors such as past experiences. But the current outlook you have need not to be permanent. You always have the final decision on what to do. Live today and give thanks for all the things that you have.

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