dimanche 12 février 2017

Important Tips On Humorous Project Management Blog

By Patrick Bennett

Project management basically entails organizing and coming up with adjustments in a company. Some organizations nevertheless ensure they accomplish their goals by setting up objectives and working based on the requirements of these objectives. Usually, a specific objective needs to be completed within a set duration, a compilation of duties needs to be completed, deadlines need to be met and a specific amount to be spent. Some blogs tire readers as they can be tiring to read. You can however develop new writing skills and come up with a pleasant and humorous project management blog that can attract many readers.

Blogging in the recent years has risen and had been taken up by many individuals all over the world. There are very many advantages that blogging has and blogs tend to be more enticing and pleasant to readers. Blogging is not just an avenue for making a living but also a platform you can use to set up a business, reach customers, seek for employment and most importantly establish yourself and brand yourself in your chosen area of expertise.

Normally, it is not easy to cause your audience to laugh. Nevertheless, even if you are not usually funny, it is possible to make it happen by writing humorous content. You only require to make humor of yourself first to make readers find it funny as well. This is usually important especially for blogs covering project management so that your audience can be willing to read the whole content.

Basically, humor refers to the condition where one is able to depict what will make people laugh. For example, if you are targeting customers for them to be interested in your company, you may opt to use humor to ensure they remember the advertisement instead of being all serious about it; which guarantees your success.

However, an appropriate and timely humor can be so rewarding, but the humor may as well backfire. For it to become a positive and healthy motivator, there are important factors to consider. First, you should not use humor as an excuse of any unacceptable behavior. Secondly, it should not be intended to laugh at people but to create fun and should be inclusive of all who read your blog and not leave some audience out. At the same time, the humor must come out naturally and should not be forced.

Timing is also essential in writing humorous blogs since you need to be careful on the funny part. Actually, you will need to plan ahead. Again, you need to be careful with timing and make sure you do not overdo it since it can completely change the topic or the tone.

It has been noted that project managers that are full of jokes and that are humorous tend to motivate employees to be productive. This because of their charisma and positive attitude hence not only attract clients but also motivate employees.

Humor makes it easy for readers and clients to remember key points in the blog. For instance, a joke on a software program may make it memorable. Jokes also makes people to agree or disagree without there being tension.

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