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Design Your Own Custom Hunting Knives Texas

By Christopher Young

Go into any decent sporting goods store, and you will find a whole lot of hunting gear, including weapons to kill your prey. You can choose a cross bow or rifle, but either way, you will also need a good knife. Custom hunting knives Texas are a necessity for any hunting trip, and make a great gift for your fellow hunters that lets them know how you care.

The style of body is the first big decision out of several you will have to make in order to get your own custom knife built. There are two main body styles, folding and static. The folding version is where the blade folds into the handle, making it very small and easy to throw into your pocket or vest. The other style, static, has no folding ability, so it usually goes into a sheath on your belt. Both are great for protection, or skinning animals.

The next big decision is how long you want the blade to be. The length is important, as certain tasks may be harder to perform if your blade is too small or too large. You should also consider cost, as the longer the blade, the higher the cost of the knife will be. This is because a longer blade means more raw materials that need to be used for completion.

Speaking of materials, that is the next big decision you have to make. There are many materials to choose from. One of the most popular is stainless steel, because it is lightweight and relatively inexpensive compared to other options. Plus, it does not rust, so it can be used in any type of weather. You can also choose ceramic, carbon steel, or other special materials as well.

Now you must decide on how long your handle is going to be. It should be comfortable in your hand, but not so big you cannot grip it. If this is a gift, think about the size of that person's hand instead, to ensure that the completed item feels good and safe in their palm and they have no issues using it.

Staying with the handle, the size is not the only thing you need to decide on. You will also want to choose a color or pattern to go on it, as well as what kind of material. Wood and metal are the most common, but a good handle can be made using all kinds of things, even lightweight plastic or the bones of an animal if you want to get really fancy about the finished product.

There are some optional things you can do as well, such as an inscription. Your name of the name of the person you are gifting it to can all be used. Or you can make it more personal with a message or favorite quote. As long as it fits the length of the blade or handle, you can get it inscribed for a more personal look.

You can place the order once these decisions are made, or you can go a bit further and buy a cover or sheath for the knife as well. A few decisions must be made for this, such as colors and what material to use. The most popular is leather due to its softness and durability. But you can also get metal, plastic, or even canvas instead. Just ask your knifemaker for help.

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