samedi 31 janvier 2015

Ten Highest Ranked Bartering Websites

By Janine Hughes

Babysitterexchange- this is a neighborhood cooperative model that allows exchange of services for free. Its rating among top bartering websites results from the convenience and communal bonding that comes out of the concept. It allows you to offer baby sitting services today and get a pet sitter or a tutor tomorrow. The options are endless.

BizXchange- it targets the trade of all manner of goods and services among non-competing business entities. The platform enables you to benefit from the sales and marketing networks of your associate. It will reduce your market research budget and offer a soft landing since your partner on the other end is known.

Craiglist- it has earned the reputation of a three ring circus operating as a viral newspaper classified section. It offers a chance to trade or sell thousands of items. The browsing atmosphere resembles a carnival with full side shows. You will enjoy the online window shopping atmosphere whether you find something to buy or not.

Freecycle- this is an opportunity to exchange anything without feeling the loss. The culture created allows you to release items that are of sentimental value and get something in return. It is more than selling and buying. You feel as though you have found a home for your beloved coach, radio, etc.

Gametz- the site is the meeting point for gamers. They exchange video games and a range of accessories used in this environment. The listing is accompanied by a review or brief description. It is from this reading that the other person sets up a trade which indicates interest to buy. The final deal may include more items that were originally listed.

Goozex- it serves traders with video games and computer accessories to exchange. Points are assigned to the goods listed with each trader accumulating points. Your ability to trade depends on how much you buy. This means that your tally increases with every trade.

Paperbackswap- this website is for avid readers who have a stack of books in their possession and would want to read more and dispose what they have read. A list of ten books earns you ten points. If a person receives a book that you have shipped, you will earn more credits. It has been described as a cost effective, time saving and convenient shop which offers a wider selection.

SwapaCD- the site uses the credit model where sending out a CD earns you credit while requesting costs you 0.49 dollars. The model is similar to the paperbackswap and another called swapaDVD. It actually enables you to send an item from one site and get another from the other. A book can be exchanged for a DVD, etc.

Swapstyle- it offers a collection of clothing and fashion accessories for trendy dressers. The items on offer include jewelry, handbags, cosmetics, shoes, etc. The collection offers high quality accessories and the latest in the market.

U-exchange- this is a localized trading website for exchanging in any part of the world. A person registers from any part of the world to attract the attention of another in the same area. This has opened a window for people to trade a lot of goods including furniture, electronics and cleaning equipment, among others. The face to face factor makes it safer and offers a guarantee that you will get a good deal.

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