dimanche 28 décembre 2014

Pros And Cons Of Trade Items Online

By Stacey Burt

Trading is not a new process. People from centuries ago had been using it to facilitate their buy and sell process. Silk is sold out in exchange for silver, porcelain is given in exchange for a platter of pearl. It is a valid mode of acquiring products. Same is true for today.

Right now, trading sites are sprouting all over the internet, all catering to specific needs of individuals. They are proven and tested to be of help for different sectors of the society. But while millions of people may have availed of the service, not everyone is happy about it. Manufacturers and retailers argue that there are drawbacks to this kind of procedure not only for their company but also for people who are getting trade items online. Let us take a quick look on some popular benefits and drawbacks that trading has.

First pro is its flexibility. You do not need the same item for both sides to do the trade. As long as you agree on the things that you both want, then it is fine. For example, if you wish t trade your mobile phone to an mp3 player, you can. You just have to find a trader who is in need of your phone and who has the mp3 player that you want.

You will also not need to spend money. You may have to pay for transportation when you meet the other trader during the formal exchange but other than that, nothing else. This is really efficient especially if you need something and do not have the money to pay for it at the moment.

Not limited to material things. With bartering, you do not even need to part with your material things. You can use a service to trade for something. For example, if you want to borrow a limousine, you can instead pay for it by offering maintenance or cleaning assistance to the owner of the vehicle.

But while these things are enjoyed by many, there are also popular disadvantages brought about by this procedure. One is the lack of trustworthiness of the other trader. Unless the other person is someone close to you, you should always take his claims about a product with a grain of salt. You can never be too sure about his claims.

Trading also lacks what we call the customer protection. You are not really guaranteed of the deal unless you tried using the item for yourself. There are cases when one agrees to a certain exchange, only to be disappointed in the end for not getting satisfaction for the item. Since you do not have any formal paper saying anything about a warranty, the other trader will not be held liable.

Last is about compromise. There are many items being traded online. However, there might be times when you cannot find the exact unit that you are looking for. If it is urgent, you may have to compromise and trade instead for a product that is of lower quality.

Experts recommend that you limit first your trading to people that you know. Or, if you really want to go online, at least take time to verify the credibility of the site. This is important so you will not be sorry later on for a wrong purchase.

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