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Important Lessons Based On Moldavite

By George Brown

It is a rock that resembles glass and is green in color. It has extraordinary shapes, and it looks like all the available types of swirls and folds. The features appear like those of the mossy, and when you hold it closer to the eye, you will find that its texture resembles a growing moss. In this article, you find useful information about this precious gem called Moldavite.

These jewels come in two types and can be easily identified. The regular grade is low in quality. They are almost opaque and very green in color, and sometimes they can appear to be black. The museum grade is very light, and it has a translucent green color. It has the mossy pattern, and it looks more like a bursting flower. However, the museum grade is more valuable when compared to latter.

For a long time, these precious stone has been used to make jewelry and for the learning purposes in museums. They are used in making executive rings and royal chains because they can only be afforded by the rich. Their unique features and their unavailability give the wearer a class of their own since they will not experience any competition from others.

Buying the this precious stone is very tricky if you are not able to observe the color, clarity, carat weight and how that cutting has been done. The best grade of it is expensive than the lower grade. Buy a stone that allows light to shine through well and do not expect it to be a see through stone. A well cut stone should have a glassy look at the edge, and this can be a good determinant in the type of gem you are buying.

Acquisition of this precious gems is not for the faint-hearted because they come at a high price. A small specimen of the rock grade can cost thousands of dollars, and you should highly avoid those that come at a lower price because they may be fake. Their shape of raw stone and its uniqueness have made it hard to set a standard price for these gems.

When wearing the jewelry it gets exposed to dust and another kind of dirt, and it shall require cleaning. Considering the fragility of the stone cut items, handle it with caution to prevent it from falling when working on it. Use lukewarm water and apply a little soap when cleaning. It is recommendable to avoid using acidic materials for cleaning which might expose it to breakage and other unwarranted situations.

Due to its fragile nature, it should be stored in a soft box that is lined with soft fabric. You can consider wrapping the stone with a soft cloth before you put it in the box as an extra precaution. The glass is sensitive to weather changes, and fluctuations in temperature will make the glass weak. When working, avoid wearing it because it may be destroyed by chemicals and you would not want to lose your precious jewel.

Every valuable item should be stored in a safe place, and the same thing should happen to these stone. Cover it with soft cotton clothes and keep it in an enclosed box that cannot be easily open. This will save it from breakage in case of unexpected fall of the storage box.

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