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Valuable Information About Moroccan Minerals And Fossils

By Joshua Rogers

Many countries depend on mineral deposits. These facilitate economic growth and social progress. The richest countries have huge mineral reserves. Qatar is the largest producer of natural gas and it has the largest per capita income. Morocco also depends on Moroccan minerals and fossils. These are found everywhere in the country. Morocco produces more than one type of mineral. It is also home to one of the largest fossil populations in the world. Many tourists usually visit Morocco every year to see its fossil collections. Every year, new fossil types are discovered in this country.

Apart from having minerals, another important thing in a country is manpower. If the workforce is not big, a country will have to import skilled labor from another country and that will cost a lot of money. Luckily for Morocco, a good percentage of the population is educated. Thus, there are sufficient engineers, finance professionals and others, for the mining sector.

Mining does not only need manpower. There is also need for foreign direct investment. Mining and exploratory projects cost millions of dollars. Thus, there is need for private investors. In Morocco, there are local investors who have invested heavily in mining sector. There are also foreign investors. Such investors usually bring in much needed capital and mining technologies.

Morocco easily attracts investors from other parts of the world. People and companies from different African countries like to invest in Morocco. Most Westerns also consider Morocco to be a top African investment destination just like South Africa and Nigeria. Morocco is favorably viewed because of its good economic environment. It has stable banks and an advanced stock exchange.

This Northern African country is also an oasis of peace. It has never been affected by war or post election violence as has been the case with many other African countries. When there was the Arab spring in most Arab countries, Morocco was peaceful. Because of the relative political stability, the Moroccan mining industry has greatly thrived over the years.

Morocco is largely dependent on minerals. A small percentage is used locally to produce consumer goods and for industrial applications. Most of the mineral products are exported to other countries. The GDP of Morocco is big because of mineral exports. The big GDP has greatly increased the per capita income. Moroccans have a high quality of life compared to other Africans.

One of the largest producers of phosphate in the world is Morocco. This nation is number three globally in terms of phosphate production. Most of the phosphate produced is exported to other countries. Exports can be in the form of raw phosphate or finished phosphate products. Raw products usually fetch a lesser price than the goods considered complete.

Morocco is an economic power house in North Africa. It has a thriving economy. This country is well managed and has relative political stability. Morocco is an important player in the global economy. This is because of various important Moroccan mineral exports. There are minerals that are only found in Morocco. The largest mineral exports of Morocco are phosphate, silver, lead and copper.

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