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The Properties That Make Zeolite Crystals Highly Valued

By Jennifer Hill

Recent research has shown that the use of Zeolite can prevent bleeding, segregation and delamination of fresh concrete so as to make the pumping process easier, decrease the permeability of hardened concrete, enhance durability, increase concrete strength and minimize cracking caused by shrinkage. In response to its successful application the cement industry, the development of a range of new building products are currently under investigation utilizing the unique characteristics of Zeolite crystals, as a carrier agent promoting the ion exchange and an absorption functions, in an effort to solve current problems in building design and construction.

There is a lot of confusion over which form of zeolite is safest and most effective. I have done a lot of research on this topic. I use this particular type of detoxification for myself, I give it to my children and my cats, and I try to help people like you with knowledge that will help them understand my choice, and make a decision that feels right personally.

There are approximately 40 different crystal types and their occurrence depends on conditions during formation. Mines located in the North Island of New Zealand are renowned for the production of clinoptilolite, a notable variation in the crystal group which are young in age and contain unsurpassed absorption qualities. These minerals have been utilized for their unique properties for ionic absorption in many commercial applications. Their large internal surface area allows them to absorb liquids efficiently, with the ability to absorb up to 70% in their own weight as a liquid.

It is the best natural way to cleanse and detoxify our bodies and keep our brains and nervous systems running at maximum capacity. It is also the best way to detoxify the body of aluminum, which creates Alzheimer's, Huntington's and Parkinson's diseases. The crystals are also given to the dogs orally for infections and to clean out toxins, while affected skin areas were sprinkled with its powder.

The particular atomic constructions of zeolites are based upon three-dimensional frameworks of silica and alumina tetrahedra, which are actually, silicon or aluminum ions flanked by 4 oxygen ions placed in a tetrahedral arrangement. Each and every oxygen molecule is fused to another 2 surrounding silicon or aluminum ions, connecting all of them with each other.

These crystals develop in alkaline wasteland pond sediments, in alkaline soils in deserts, as well as in underwater sediments. Zeolites exist in low-temperature metamorphic stones in geologically fresh locations of mountain building up, for instance, South Island, New Zealand.

The Twist Road zeolite has a typical bulk density of indicatively 550-700kg/m3 which is similar to that of attapulgite. Compared to other types, this is light though. The crystals from Australian deposits has typical densities of 1200kg/m3 - a result of their age. For the zeolite world, this means that Twist Road zeolite does not need to be as fine as older crystals to get the same absorptive performance.

In modern society, China has evolved to be the largest user of zeolites, with the highest consumption being utilized in cement production. The unique properties of Zeolite as a carrier agent means that it can be used as a blended material in most of the cement plants to solve production and use issues, such as volume stability concerns of hardened cement. Because there is no way to avoid gathering the toxins in the body, you might want to go and work with a detoxifying agent such as zeolite or silica and eliminate what's causing damages.

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