vendredi 14 avril 2017

Should Website Development Companies Use Cinemagraphs?

By Arthur Williams

There have been a number of developments that website design companies observed in recent years. One of the most visually striking are simply known as cinemagraphs, which are essentially still images with moving elements. If you've been on any website as of late, you have probably seen a cinemagraph without even knowing it. For those that would like to know why these have been focused on so much, here is some information related to them.

Cinemagraphs, for those not in the know, are essentially still images that have some areas that are in motion. For example, a picture of a snow mountain might have the animation of light snowfall behind it. A cinemagraph isn't exactly the same as a GIF, as the former is clearer by comparison and more appropriate for web design efforts. As you can probably imagine, this is one of the many elements that defines the creation of modern websites.

One of the most important things to know about cinemagraphs is that they benefit some brands more than others. This is largely due to the products that said brands offer; simply put, some aren't built for cinemagraphs as well as others. Nonetheless, these have proven to be useful for products like clothing, food, and even electronics. Provided your images are made well, you'll be able to use them to boost your brand in the public eye.

As reputable authorities such as Lounge Lizard will tell you, high-quality cinemagraphs leave lasting impressions. After all, there aren't many sites that have these images in place, so it would make sense for the ones that do to stand out. The more that a site stands out - in a positive way, mind you - the more likely it is that visitors will keep coming back. Website development companies across the board will say the same.

Moving images are nothing new on the Internet, but it's clear that cinemagraphs have seen something of an uptick as of late. However, in order for your own moving images to be effective, they have to be designed well. The animation they entail must be smooth, as opposed to choppy or unnatural. By keeping logic like this in the back of your mind, you'll be able to build your cinemagraphs so that they're more effective for long-term purposes.

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