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Looking For Suitable Guitar Amp Repair

By Henry Ward

If you own an electric guitar you will also need an amplifier and they will both need regular servicing and often small problems attended too. When faults develop some musicians will be seeking a guitar amp repair. There are a few things you need to think about before having this type of work done.

There are two types of amplifier used by musicians and these are stand alone head units or combo amplifiers with integrated speakers. The price of repairs or inspections will vary depending on how many spare parts are needed and the complexity of the problem. Combos seem to be a more popular choice due to their compact size and lower purchase costs.

A vacuum tube amplifier will require a routine inspection to keep it working efficiently. Most guitar players will keep a spare valve or two with them, especially if they are working regularly. When servicing a tube model, it is very important that you only let a qualified technician carry out the work due to the high voltages involved. By having this work done by a professional your repairs will be covered by a warranty.

The more modern solid state amps will also require an inspection and a lot of this can be done at home by the player. Basic faults can be put right with relative ease using just a few tools found in most home workshops. If your equipment has developed a serious fault then it is better to entrust the work to a local guitar store or professional electrician.

When you are trying to locate parts for your repairs many web based companies can supply these. Always make sure that the replacements are of the correct spec for the model in question and that they are protected by a manufacturer warranty. Recycled spares can be fitted if you are on a tight budget especially if you are only replacing speakers or small switches.

Factory original parts should be used when possible on vintage or valuable amplifiers. Using manufacturer made parts will ensure that the value maintained and that they will be the same as the ones fitted originally. Many authorized stores and amplifier manufacturers will carry original parts for vintage models and these should always be used when they are available.

A lot of informative books and tutorials can be found to help the amateur electrician to carry out a simple fix. It is important to make certain that you have the correct parts and tools when doing any work. When the work has been done the amp should be properly tested by an engineer as many live venues will require the amplifier to have certified papers for insurance purposes.

The price that you will pay for your amplifier repairs and servicing will alter depending on how many new parts are needed and the man hours required to do the job. A simple fault can be put right for just a few dollars but a complicated job can often run into thousands. Be aware that if your amplifier has to be sent to another location for the repairs, the carriage costs and insurance will have to be taken into account, and added on to the price of the job.

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