dimanche 10 avril 2016

Why Organic Vegan Soap Is Better Than Regular Soap

By Ann Thomas

Natural is the new in these days because people are more into health care and skin care. Now, organic soaps that are made out of vegetables are the new thing in the skin care industry because they are good for both the body and mother nature. Here are some of the advantages of using organic vegan soap as compared to regular soap that can be bought in the supermarket.

Before going into the benefits, it is best to know a little more about soaps like these. First of all, it can be inferred from the name right away that it is made out of vegetables and herbs, hence the term vegan. With this in mind, buyers are guaranteed that only organic vegetables are used in production of these kinds of products.

It is a common fact that animal fat as well as other chemicals are used in the production of soaps. Of course, animal rights advocates are against this because animals are being slaughtered to create these skincare products. Vegan soaps are a big hit among animal rights advocates because these products do not make use of any animal parts whatsoever, just vegetables.

Because these products do not include any animal fat, they are good for the skin. Some people are actually allergic to soaps because their skin cannot take the result of the chemical bond between certain compounds and animal fat. However, vegetable extract mixed with the chemicals used for making soaps are not as strong which means that these soaps are quite safe for the skin.

Now, another bad thing about regular soaps is the presence of scents. Scents are artificial additives used to make soaps have their nice smelling scent. Of course, these artificial scents can sometimes aggravate the skin, especially if one has sensitive skin.

Now, aside from being healthy for human beings, these soaps are also very healthy for mother nature too. In order to know how these soaps can benefit mother nature, it is first important to know where the soap bubbles go when people take a bath. When one takes a bath, the bubbles, or the lather, would go straight to the drain.

One thing to remember is that the lather that falls into the sewage system will spread in the water. So, it can be said that the lather from soaps can actually contaminate the water. Of course, there is a filter that would usually try to separate the chemicals from the water so that the water can be clean again for reuse.

The great thing about organic soaps is that all the ingredients are all natural which means that very little chemicals were used in the manufacturing process. With this, the water will not be very much contaminated with chemicals that come from the lather. This makes things safe for the environment and the water.

As one can see, there are actually a lot of benefits from using these natural soaps. Not only can these products benefit the body, but they can also help keep the environment healthy as well. It can do two things at the same time.

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