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Looking For A Guitar Amp Repair

By Laura Wallace

If you are an electric guitarist and using an amp it will need regular maintenance, servicing and often small problems attended too. From time to time some musicians will be looking for a guitar amp repair. There are a few things you should consider before having the work done.

The most popular types of amps are a head units or a combo which has built in speakers. The costs and components needed for this equipment will depend on what kind of unit is being worked on and sometimes the age of it. The combination amplifiers are more popular with amateurs or home guitarists due to their compact design and lower cost.

A vacuum tube amplifier will probably need more maintenance than a transistor model. Spare tubes are often carried by gigging musicians and will need to be replaced if they are not performing properly. Any work that you have done on these amps should be carried out by a technician due to the voltage and to ensure the work is guaranteed.

If your amplifier is a solid state model, regular servicing is still recommended and some of the little jobs can be carried out in the home workshop. Small repairs can be done in little time with only a few basic electrical tools such as a soldering iron and the correct screw drivers. More severe faults may need the attention of a technician and most guitar stores will offer a repair service.

When you are searching for your parts for the repairs many internet based companies can supply these. Always ensure that the replacement components are of the correct specification for the model in question and that they are covered by a manufacturers guarantee. Recycled spares can also be fitted if you are on a tighter budget especially if only replacing speakers or switches.

When you are buying components it is a good idea to use factory made items if possible. This is important when working on an antique model as it ensures the value is not affected. Amplifier manufacturers will usually have a large stock of obsolete parts for even the early models they have produced and this is the best option when trying to find spares.

A lot of books and tutorials can be found to help the amateur repairer to carry out a fix. It is important to make sure that you have the right parts and tools when doing a repair at home and that all safety procedures are adhered to. After the work has been done the amplifier should be tested by an engineer as many live music venues will require the amp to have certified paperwork for insurance purposes.

The cost you will incur will differ hugely depending on what items are needed and time taken to complete the repairs. From just a few dollars a small fault can be fixed but a severe problem will cost a lot more. If you have to send your equipment away for repair, remember that the shipping costs and insurance will be added on to your final bill.

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