lundi 11 avril 2016

Handy Tips On Managing Your Email Account

By Daniel Baker

Gone are the days when you have to put pen to paper and write your letters by hand. Today, the most ubiquitous form of communication is sending messages via email. The invention of this program came at the time when the internet started its meteoric rise to social and cultural significance in our lives. As technology became more and more advanced, so too did the functionality of email. So if you constantly use this application and need help with managing your account better, here are the steps you should take note.

Sort it out. When setting up your email account, the first thing you have to do after everything is completed is to create particular folders separate from your main inbox. If you are unsure of how to do this, you can seek help via exchange migration services. This is done to help you automatically filter incoming messages in specific mailboxes and make things more convenient for you.

Urge to purge. Getting spam mail and other pointless junk in your mailbox can be a quite annoying. Deleting unnecessary items is something that you should do in order to pare down your inbox to the essentials. Additionally, emptying your recycle bin must always be performed once at the end of the work day just in case you need to retrieve something you accidentally deleted.

Short but sweet. Reading an email that forces you to scroll down your screen several times until you finish the message is just a waste of your time. Do not make this mistake when composing your emails to other people. Be conscientious and try to keep your responses succinct yet comprehensible.

Reuse and recycle. Sometimes using email can get repetitive, and you might end up responding to different messages in the same manner. To increase your productivity at home or at work, save templates for replies and subject lines. You can use these default options whenever you encounter a message that does not a require a carefully composed and personalized reply.

Bunch them up. In the case of mass sending a single email, there is a way to make this easy. Categorize all of the contacts on your address book into groups like one for your coworkers, your close friends, or your family. This way, you simply have to select the option of adding one group to your sender field and you are good to go.

Stop the alarms. When your computer or your smartphone pings every other hour notifying you about the arrival of a new email in your inbox, this can become a distraction. Most people feel tempted to check their mailbox when they receive alerts and as a result, their efficiency at work can be compromised. Turn off the notifications and you will be freed from temptation.

Back it up. If there are certain messages in your email that you need to keep and have no intention of discarding, have them saved on your computer. Most email programs are free but have a preset amount of storage space. When archiving those items, create a special folder on your computer desktop and transfer them to their new home.

Getting a better handle on your email account is not the nightmare that most people make it out to be. Have a sense of clarity when grabbing this digital bull by the horns. Following the steps featured in this guide should help lead the way.

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