jeudi 1 octobre 2015

Using Custom Martingale Dog Collars

By Della Monroe

Martingale collars were made specifically for dogs whose neck is wider compared to the head. However, they are used for many breeds currently to make sure they do not slip away during a lead. They are tightened around the neck. The necklines are interconnected because when the dog pulls the lead the lapel next to lead is also pulled. This makes the custom martingale dog collars around the neck of the animal to become tighter.

This is the perfect solution to dogs who are always trying to get away during training or when taken for walks. However, effectiveness of this equipment depends on its proper usage. It is recommended that you learn how to operate it before purchase to avoid disappointments. In addition, you have to weigh the pros and cos of use of custom martingale collars for dogs instead of the standard ones. Nonetheless, it is obvious that this type of collar provides many benefits compared to traditional ones.

These leashes have more merits compared to standard ones. The first one is that they ensure the skin of pooch is not irritated by fitting only loosely. For this reason, the dog is likely to do well during training because it is comfortable. Also, rarely do they get too snug to choke the animal. This is because tightening during pulls happens above the wind pipe. This cannot be said about the traditional ones and they can easily kill the animal.

Ensure the collar bought fits loosely. It is possible for them to hold the dog so tight to cause chocking but they slacken very quickly to avoid causing harm to the canine. They only cause slight discomfort to get the dog back in line. However, ensure it is not loose to the point that the dog can easily slip out.

There are d-rings which connect the smaller loops with the large one. You will know if the band is too tight if a pull on this system causes an impact to the one near the neck. Test the tightness by fitting your hand next to canine neck. Nonetheless, make it tighter if you are setting out for dog training. Only two of your fingers should fit in this case.

When going for walks with the dog fitted with custom martingale neckbands, tugging at the leash makes you feel like you are been walked by the animal. This feeling if very exhilarating and you will enjoy the time more. A precaution to be observed is that the leash should be fixed on upper side of the neck.

The anterior region of the neck is sensitive than at the posterior. This is why the dog is not likely to slip away if the collar is fixed at this region. Tightening of the collar makes it to stop or slow down. With more practice, the dog is conditioned to sense extra pulling. This way, it is likely to move at the same pace as you.

This product is great but can result to harm if not used appropriately. Choking can kill the animal if there is no one to release extra tension when the pull strength is increased. Use the choker only when there is someone watching the dog.

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