lundi 12 octobre 2015

Uses For Preventive Legal Assistance

By Della Monroe

Most people cannot get through life without having to hire an attorney at least once. While many people can foresee needing an attorney's help, others are caught off-guard entirely. Rather than face such a surprise, more people are seeing the wisdom of retaining preventive legal assistance as they see fit. The types of help available through these services can allow people to live without worry, yet also take care of important financial and custodial matters just in case.

A service that some people find handy to retain early involves making up a will for their families. When a couple has children, they both want to know that their kids will be taken care of in case something happens to either the mom or the dad. By drawing up a will, they can designate who will receive custody of their minor children. The will ensures that the family court will not have to make that decision, which may not work out in the kids' best interests.

The judge can also divide up the couple's assets if needed. But again, a will would answer the question of who got what assets and who would remain in charge of any life insurance left behind by the deceased parents. A lawyer can help a couple set up a trust in case either one of them die prematurely. The attorney could also stipulate who will get possession of valuables and money.

An attorney can also help couples protect any assets they are bringing into a marriage. Many people now get married with plenty of money and insurance to their names. If they are wary about what could happen in case of a divorce, they might find it beneficial to hire an attorney to draft up a premarital agreement.

Like these documents, partnership agreements also may fit under this category of law-related help. Entrepreneurs who plan to go into business with friends or family members might wish to have a partnership agreement devised in case one of the partners died or became unable to participate in the business. A lawyer could establish guidelines that would allow the remaining partner to retain ownership of the company.

The agreement could also outline what would happen if one of the partners wants to buy out the other one. With this paperwork in place, people can avoid contentious court battles and hurt feelings. They can follow through with the agreement and prevent any expensive complications that could arise if no paperwork were in place at all.

Such services can be found by doing an Internet search. Websites for law firms advertise if this help is available. Sometimes it might benefit possible clients to meet with available counsel in person.

Preventative services can be vital in the legal arena. People can protect themselves without having to go to court. They also can stipulate what they want to happen in case they meet an early demise and they have minor kids. This help allows them to go into detail about where they want their money and assets to go.

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